Welcome Google Teacher Academy Teachers going to Chicago

Thought this might be a good way for us to introduce ourselves before our one day marathon event.  Tell about yourself, post your video, pictures, Twitter/Skype handle etc. so we have an idea who everyone is.  If you need an invitation email me at bbass3 at gmail dot com with your Google account and I'll send you an invite.

**Did anyone see this yet? http://sites.google.com/site/gtaresources/2008-09-24

1) I'm Bill Bass, a Technology Integration Specialist at Parkway School District in St. Louis, MO. I am a former high school English teacher who started helping teachers full time with technology integration last year.  My wife and I have 4 year old twins (boy and girl) that keep us jumping.  I blog at mrbassonline.com and am on the NCTE Executive Committee. I'd love to see everyone's videos and am looking forward to our day together.

Twitter -- wbass3
Skype -- bill.bass3
Website -- www.mrbassonline.com


Which Student Do You Teach?

2) Hello!  My name is Stephanie Madlinger, Program Coordinator and Technology Integration Specialist for Cooperating School Districts of Greater St. Louis, Inc.  In the past I have taught all grade levels K-5, except for 2nd grade.  I am a certified eMINTS teacher who taught both 3rd & 5th grade eMINTS.  I have provided technology training, workshops, and support to St. Louis area school districts and area conferences for nearly a decade.  I work full time as a Virtual Learning Center Instructor and serve on CSD's technology conference advisory board, METC.  I am a Star DEN member and on the Missouri Leadership Council for Discovery Education. My husband and I enjoy sports and traveling with our 4 children, ages 10-16.  I am looking forward to learning and growing with all of you.

Twitter cyberteacher
Skype  smadlinger
Gmail smadlinger@gmail.com



Motivation 2 Learn


3) Hey! I'm Philip Kendall and I'm the music teacher at a "small school" high school on Chicago's southeast side in a neighborhood called South Chicago. Our school shares a building with three other autonomous schools with separate student bodies, teacher teams and administration teams. The benefits of small schools are many, including slightly higher teacher/student ratios and stronger relationships with students, but they don't begin to outweigh the economic and social challenges that our students face in school and at home--nearly all of our students come from low-income homes and all are African-American or Hispanic.  This is my third year of teaching and I'm encouraged by looking back at how much I've grown and by looking forward at how much I still have to learn.  This is such a great opportunity for me to hoard ideas and links and contacts and bring them back to my school, where we are quick to complain about lack of resources.  I can't wait to meet you all!

Personal Blog: philidendron.blogspot.com
Twitter: philipyk

4) Hello from Michigan's Upper Peninsula!  I am Sara (Van Abel) Beauchamp and I am a special education teacher at Negaunee High School.  I'm an unofficial tech geek at our school and besides running a resource room for students with mild learning disabilities and co-teaching in Biology, Physical Science, English and Advanced Algebra, I teach as an adjunct at Northern Michigan University.  As a member of the Upper Peninsula Writing Project and NWP, I hold the role of tech liaison on our leadership team.  I'm in my 14th year of teaching but still feel as though I started yesterday! I'm a single mom with three beautiful children: McKenna 7, Beau 5 1/2 and Shane 4.  They are truly my inspiration for being a champion for change in education.  I just can't wait to meet everyone and learn, learn, learn!  (Side note: I am currently returning to my maiden name...no small task in this Web 2.0 world!)

Personal Blog: http://www.svanabel.edublogs.org/
Twitter: yoopertechgeek
Plurk: svanabel
Del.icio.us: svanabel


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5) I am Paul Hieronymus an Educational Consultant with the Northern Ohio Research and Training Technology Hub (NORT2H) which is part of the Educational Service Center of Lorain County. We are located between Cedar Point and Cleveland.  I am a former special education teacher certified to work with Orthopedically Handicapped and Other Health Impaired (many years ago).  I am part of OhioDL and ran IVC Opperations this last summer at NECC in San Antonio. Currently working on a Remote NECC  project with SigIVC of ISTE.

Twitter – Hairynomas (This is how telemarketers pronounce my name)
Skype – Hairynomas
Website –

www.LCDLC.org & www.NORT2H.com coming soon
Pagecast: www.pageflakes.com/LCDLC.Ohio/12258169/


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6) Hi All! I’m Stacie Isenberg, the Technology Integration Coach for the Blairsville Saltsburg School District, located in Western Pennsylvania.  My job is to provide “just in time,” professional development for teachers; helping them to integrate strategies and technologies to enhance student learning.  Prior to that, teaching 8th graders the wonderful world of Algebra was my passion. For the past 3 years, I have been part of three statewide technology and leadership initiatives that keep me motivated: Keystone Technology Integrators, Getting to One Technology Integration Mentors, and Classrooms for the FutureWhen we’re not teaching, my husband and I spend our time in awe of our 7 month old daughter, our greatest accomplishment.  I look forward to meeting a great group of forward thinking educators, building new friendships, and being inspired…see you soon!
Twitter: isenbergs
Skype: sisenberg311








7) I am Carol Broos, a fourth through eighth grade music teacher at Sunset Ridge School in Northfield, Illinois. I have a 13-station MIDI lab with headset controllers. I blend performance and technology together within the music classroom. I recently won the "Golden Apple," and "Illinois Music Teacher of the Year (Mary Hofflman award)" As part of the Golden Apple, I will have a paid sabbatical at Northwestern University starting on March 31, 2009-August 10, 2009.  I traveled to Japan on a Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund teacher scholarship in October 2006, they use my website on their site as well. Sunset Ridge participates in the Vermont MIDI project where professional musicians comment on the password-protected site concerning students compositions. I am a Star DEN member of Discovery Education. My podcast from NECC was featured on the Apple learning exchange. I love to share and am extremely excited about collaboration and sharing with other educators.

Twitter -- musictechie
Plurk - musictechie
Skype -- beatechie
Website -- www,carolbroos.com
Blog (school) - carolbroos.learnerblogs.org
Blog (professional) beatechie.edublogs.org
Presentation wiki - musictechie.pbwiki.org


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8) My name is Anne Truger. I am the Instructional Technology Specialist for the Special Education District of Lake County in Gages Lake Il. We are a county wide cooperative district for the county. We have 80 sector (satellite) classrooms and 5 of our own alternative buildings. We service a wide variety of ages up to 22 and disabilities, including severe/profound and emotionally challenged. Due to the nature of our district professional development opportunities are a major hurdle. That's where I come in, my job is to help train the staff not only to use the technology but to integrate it into the curriculum. In the last 2 years, we have designed and written a brand new curriculum that aligns to state standards and utilizes the UDL pyramid AND rolled out 17 new software products and over 500 computers...to say I am a busy girl is an understatement! In my "spare" time, I am on the ICE 2009 Conference committee, the Co-Chair for the NICE Mini Conference, and an active member of DEN in SL LC. (Discovery Educator Network in Second Life Leadership Council). My favorite student project to date is clay animation. Please check out my students with special needs amazing movies!

Twitter: atruger
skype: anne.truger


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9. I'm Geoff Legg a Technology Literacy Instructor (grades 3-8) from Holland, Mi. I am also a certified Apple Professional Development trainer and train/help teachers all over the country integrate technology into their curriculum. I've taught 3 & 4th grade and middle school technology. I am pumped about GTA and can't wait to share what I will learn.
School District- Holland Public Schools
Class website
Favorite new technology toy- my new iPhone!

Extreme Technology Motivator

10.)  Hello everybody! My name is Fred Koch (pronounced "cook") and I am a K-4 Technology Coach for Lake Forest (IL) School District 67. I split my time between Cherokee and Sheridan elementary schools and this is just my second year in my new role in this new district position. Prior to that I was a K-4 general music specialist in Lake Forest for 20+ years and was really very content singing and making music with my young students. Then, just for the fun of learning, I decided to enroll in a Lesley University graduate program where I received my Masters of Technology in Education degree. That's when things started to get very interesting... I am still actively involved in music for children as a producer, arranger, performer and workshop clinician and I also write the monthly children's music review column for Chicago Parent magazine. And continue to (barely) maintain BestChildrensMusic.com which I founded in 1999. I can't wait to meet you all and I really look forward to a wonderfully exciting and engaging day!

"One Little Student" by Fred Koch

Hello future GTA's. I am Erica Hartman (GTA '08 Googleplex)  and I will be presenting on Google Docs in the classroom. I would love for you all to fill out this Google Form prior to the Chicago GTA. Can't wait to meet everyone!
twitter: elh
email: hartman19@gmail.com

 Greetings From St. Louis MO!  I am Cindy Lane (Erica and I were classmates in the June GTA!) and I am honored to facilitate the GEO APPS portion of your upcoming training day in beautiful Chicago (GO CUBS!) After you're finished filling out Erica's Google Form, put yourself on the map...http://www.xrl.us/GCTChicago
Twitter: clane
NEXT GCT/CUE Dinner Club Webinar will be Wednesday, Oct. 1 8 pm CST..you are all invited --- here is the link! http://tinyurl.com/6eg82w


Motivation and Learning

Hello!  My name is Roxana Hadad and I am the Project and Instructional Designer for the Collaboratory, a web-based collaborative environment that teachers use to develop project-based activities.   I am a proud Adobe Education Leader and work with Tiz Media Foundation developing interactive science and math modules.  I hate celery.

Twitter -- rhadad
Skype -- rhadad
Website -- www.roxanahadad.com
Blog -- http://wordpress.roxanahadad.com/


Google Goes for the Gold!

Hi everyone! My name is Laura Montgomery and I am really humbled to be included in such amazing company of creative teachers!  Your videos are really fun to watch and I'm REALLY thrilled to be part of this Google learning experience.  I felt like I had won the "Golden Ticket" to Willy Wonka's factory or something.  I am the Instructional Technology Coach for Deer Path Middle School in Lake Forest, IL (Lake County District #67).  I have been in this type of position for the last 7 years and prior to that spent 13 years teaching in the primary grade classroom.  Like other tech coaches/facilitators, I provide "Just in Time" professional development for the teachers in my building, helping to design and facilitate lessons that impact student learning (using lots of tech tools of course!).  Besides learning about the Google tools, I'm looking forward to networking with other teachers who are as passionate about 21st Century teaching and learning as I am...AND in collaborating about how we can help move our districts in the right direction!

e-mail: lmontgomery@lfelem.lfc.edu OR lmontgomery67@gmail.com
website: http://web.me.com/lbmont2/DPMTechCoach/index.html
Skype: lamont62

15. My name is Josh Wilmsmeyer and I share everyone's enthusiasm for this upcoming networking, educational, innovative, <insert buzzword> Googlethon.  I teach 8th grade science at Wydown Middle School (Clayton, MO) and am kept active by three cats, a wife, and community service with students.  My techspertise is in peer coaching...working 1 on 1 in a very informal way (euphemism for "I don't get paid to do it").  My goal with all of the tech we do is to understand them well enough so that when an idea hits me I have a wealth of web tools to use, rather than loving the web tools so much I find a way to use them in class.  Anyway, let's just see the video, huh?

Science 24/7

Email: josh_wilmsmeyer@clayton.k12.mo.us                     Website/Blog: jwilmsmeyer.edublogs.org                     IM: Josh Wilmsmeyer                     GoogleTalk: jwilmsmeyer


link to my video --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xz7fUyQvAok
My name is Katie Kirsch. I am the library media specialist at Lake Bluff Middle School. I feel as if I am a jack-of-all-trades in my position - I am passionate about both books and technology. My middle school started a 1 to 1 laptop initiative last year, which has definitely been exciting! I am looking forward to the opportunity to spend the day learning with a great group of individuals who are as passionate about technology and 21st century learning as I am.

e-mail: katielibrarian@gmail.com
Skype: katielibrarian
twitter: katielibrarian

17.  Hello fellow learners! My name is Selena Ward and I am a Technology Integration Teacher at Benjamin Tasker Middle School in Bowie, MD.  Besides teaching students in grades 6-8, I run the school website, and am the unoffical help desk at my school.  I feel so lucky because I was able to go to NECC, the Den National Institute, and now GTA. I look forward to meeting all of you and expanding my PLN.
Twitter & Plurk: thetechtiger

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 Scott Meech  (www.smeech.net)

Twitter: SMeech
Plurk: SMeech

I am a Technology Facilitator at The Joseph Sears School in Kenilworth, IL 60043.


SMeech's Application

19.  Benjamin Friesen

Hopkins Public Schools
twitter: uptonben

I teach 8th Grade Earth Science and a course called learning.21st.  I am a Technology Integration Specialist and the Lead Activboard Teacher in my district. 

I am looking to collaborate with other people who are developing and teaching web-based 21st century skill classes.  Here is my rough outline of learning.21st with some thoughts and reflections included.  Please pass along thoughts or possible activities.

I occasionally blog here and am looking for an audience to continue the conversations with.  I will be a better blogger with an audience. 
Tech Blog: http://technologyruminations.blogspot.com/

This is my Earth Science moodle site.  Lots of resources!
Moodle: http://courseweb.hopkins.k12.mn.us/course/view.php?id=455


Application Video - Innovation


20.  Katie Morrow, www.mrsmorrow.com
Technology Integration Specialist
O'Neill Public Schools, O'Neill, NE
Twitter: katiemorrow
ichat and email: mrsmorrow@mac.com


YouTube Video

 Robin Seneta

Girard School District
email: rseneta@gmail.com
skype: rseneta
twitter: rseneta

Hello....I am an educator in a small town outside of Erie, PA in the northwest corner of PA.  I taught 8th grade science for 14 years before being appointed as our Classrooms for the Future Technology Coach for our highschool.  In a short time they expanded my position to service K-12 within our district.  I have held this position for 3 years now.  I teach adjunct college classes for Gannon University as well-these classes are part of the masters program in education and are online and focusing on Educational Computing. 

I believe technology is contagious and use that as a tagline when trying to encourage my faculty!


YouTube Video

22. Steve Dickie

I teach high school science, mostly Physics. Lately I've been cast in a technology PD role. I had a great time at the GTA and if anyone wants to bounce ideas off me or collaborate on a project just let me know.




George Mayo
Middle School Language Arts teacher in            Maryland
on Twitter @mrmayo