The new orleans cooking experience - Cooking with fresh pumpkin.

The New Orleans Cooking Experience

the new orleans cooking experience
    new orleans
  • A city and port in southeastern Louisiana, on the Mississippi River; pop. 484,674. Founded by the French in 1718, it was named after the Duc d'Orleans, regent of France. It is known for its annual Mardi Gras celebrations and for its association with the development of blues and jazz
  • New Orleans ( or , locally or ; La Nouvelle-Orleans ) is a major United States port and the largest city and metropolitan area in the state of Louisiana. The New Orleans metropolitan area, (New Orleans–Metairie–Kenner) has a population of 1,189,981, the 46th largest in the USA.
  • New Orleans is a 1947 musical drama featuring Billie Holiday as a singing maid and Louis Armstrong as a bandleader; supporting players Holiday and Armstrong perform together and portray a couple becoming romantically involved.
  • a port and largest city in Louisiana; located in southeastern Louisiana near the mouth of the Mississippi river; a major center for offshore drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico; jazz originated here among black musicians in the late 19th century; Mardi Gras is celebrated here each year
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New Orleans Jazz
New Orleans Jazz
New Orleans was just an unbelievable good time. It's a great city with so much history and very few rules (you all know how much I like that) except they will write you a parking ticket in a heart beat. You can be falling down drunk and half naked but just don't park wrong. This was from our first night there and these guys played old style New Orleans jazz and they were fantastic. Don loved them so much he gave them a 20.00 tip and bought a CD. I think they liked us pretty good! Explore #247
NOLA cooking experience (12)
NOLA cooking experience (12)
Welcome to the New Orleans Cooking Experience. Our cooking school offers small luxury half-day classes, series classes and two weekend getaway cooking vacations. Our classes celebrate traditional Creole and Cajun recipes and are taught by exceptional chefs.

the new orleans cooking experience
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