Cooking Equipments

cooking equipments
    cooking equipments
  • I thought of adding the cooking equipments into the list of essential kitchen supplies because I am damn sure that no kitchen can survive without these tools.

April Scavenger Hunt #3: Cooking Equipment
April Scavenger Hunt #3: Cooking Equipment
As I was waiting for my steak to be grilled (well done), I managed to take out my camera and make this snapshot. When it was done, I realized I should have asked for "a point" = medium instead of "bien cuit" = well done. But I still enjoyed it.
Love Letter Makers
Love Letter Makers
They are essentially tongs with these engraved discs at the end. I guess quite a lot of people go to Melaka to buy cooking equipment, the hotel concierge was able to direct us to the relevant shops (in Kampong Jawa) in a jiffy.

cooking equipments
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