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Windy City Coop Tour

The 2020 Windy City Coop & Eco-Yard Tour will take place Sat Sept 19 & Sun Sept 20 from 10AM-1PM and/or 1-4PM each day.
Post your photos from the Tour! hashtags: #windycitycooptour #chichickens #chicooptour

Map and Site Info links:
  • MAP of 2019 Tour Locations (with site descriptions and photos). Make your own route - Click on each icon for more info about that site. Click on the small arrow to the left of "All Items" to see the full list of addresses. Click on checkboxes to turn Map layers on/off. IF YOU CAN'T SEE PHOTOS - try signing out & then back into your browser. (The photos are uploaded only to the full list = Blue icons).
  • 2019 Windy City Coop Tour Site InfoPLEASE go to sites only if they are hosting at the time/s you want to visit!
    • 22 Sites (BLUE) around Chicago are hosting Visitors this year.
    • 13 are open Saturday morning (GOLD).
    • 15 are open Saturday afternoon (GREEN). 
    • 6 are open Sunday morning (ORANGE).
    • 9 are open Sunday afternoon (FUSCHIA).
    • The 2019 Tour is in 17 WARDS of Chicago: 
      • 1, 3, 12, 20, 24, 29, 31, 35, 36, 39, 40, 41, 45, 46, 47, 49, 50
Tour Guidelines
  • Hosts in and around Chicago invite you to learn from their experience raising backyard livestock -- and more!
  • Please respect the privacy of our Tour Hosts by visiting ONLY on the day they are hosting Visitors, between 10AM-1PM and/or 1-4PM. Check the Map and Site Info to confirm (links below).
  • Visit Hosts' sites, ask questions, and take photos. It's a self-guided Tour -- no need to pre-register. You can see as many as you want and have time for!
  • Children supervised by adults are welcome on the Tour.
  • DO NOT BRING DOGS or other pets.
  • If a yard is full, you may be asked to wait momentarily until current Visitors exit.
  • To prevent spread of communicable livestock diseases, Hosts may direct Visitors to decontaminate their shoes at the entrance.
  • Stay within the boundaries that Hosts designate for Visitors.
  • Restrooms, drinking water, and snacks are NOT provided on the Tour -- plan accordingly and bring what you need with you.
  • Street parking may be scarce. Consider taking public transit and/or riding a bike on the Tour!


  • Download and print the Half-Sheet Flier to post in local stores, library branches, cafes, etc (pdf attached below).
  • Forward the link for the 2019 Tour press release to neighborhood media, bulletins, and news sources.
  • Join and invite friends via the Facebook Event.
Co-sponsored by Angelic Organics Learning Center and the Chicagoland Chicken Enthusiasts, the annual Tour showcases backyard poultry/livestock and other sustainability practices (intensive food production, rain gardens, pollinator habitat, composting, solar and other renewable energy...) 

Fill out the online application AND email one or more good photos of your coop, urban eco-examples, and surrounding area to:
windycitycooptour AT
Email also if: you have a question about the Application, or need it sent to you in another format — AND if you want to help organize, photograph, and/or promote the TourHelp to make this year's Tour as fun and informative as ever!
  • Host Sites should offer a good demonstration of the care of urban poultry/livestockand/or other sustainability practices, in a space that can accommodate a flow of foot traffic.
  • The Tour is also open to Hosts who have excellent examples to share: intensive food production, rain gardens, pollinator habitats, composting, water collection, solar and other renewable energy, etc.
  • Indicate the date/s that you are able/willing to host. You can Host on either or both days of the Tour, during the time windows of 10AM-1PM and/or 1-4PM each day.
  • Organizers will review applications and confirm approved Hosts BY SUNDAY JULY 29.
  • If you previously hosted the Tour, please fill out the Application and send new photo/s for complete and accurate Site Info.
By applying to Host, you agree to open your property to Visitors on your selected date/s, and to allow your site address and description to be shared publicly on print and online Tour materials. Tour site info and map WILL NOT include Hosts' names or contact info.
Tour organizers use the information you provide to approve Host Sites and to plan and promote the Tour.
We urge all Hosts to attend the pre-Tour orientation in early Sept to review logistics and prep with other Hosts, and pick up signs and materials.

Since 2010, 87 Tour Hosts have shared their examples of backyard livestock and "eco-yards" with hundreds of 
Tour Visitors eager to see area coops and flocks, other critters, and innovative urban sustainability practices. MANY THANKS to all for your generosity and commitment to demonstrating urban ecology and food production! 

You should have the following documents for the Tour. Please download and print attachments if you need copies.

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