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Windy City Coop Tour

SAVE THE DATES of Sept 15 & 16 for the 2018 Coop + Eco-Yard Tour of backyard sustainability, from livestock and intensive food production to rain gardens, solar energy systems, and more!

Map and Site Info for the 2016 Tour on September 17 & 18 are below.

Tour Guidelines
  • Hosts in and around Chicago invite you to learn from their personal experiences with backyard chickens, ducks -- and more!
  • Please respect the privacy of our Tour Hosts & Flocks by visiting ONLY on the day they are hosting Visitors, between 10AM & 2PM.
  • Visit Hosts' yards and coops, ask questions, and take photos.
  • It's a self-guided Tour -- no need to pre-register. You can see as many as you want and have time for.
  • Children supervised by adults are welcome on the Tour.
  • DO NOT BRING DOGS or other pets.
  • If a yard is full, you may be asked to wait momentarily until current Visitors exit.
  • To prevent spread of communicable chicken diseases, Hosts may direct Visitors to decontaminate their shoes at the entrance.
  • Stay within the boundaries that Hosts designate for Visitors.
  • Restrooms, drinking water, and snacks are NOT provided on the Tour -- plan accordingly and bring what you need with you.
  • Street parking may be scarce. Consider taking public transit and/or riding a bike on the Tour!
  • Map and Site Info links:
    • MAP of 2016 Tour Locations (with basic descriptions of sites). Make your own route - Click on each pin map for more info about that site.
    • 2016 Windy City Coop Tour Site Info. PLEASE go to sites only if they are hosting on the day/s you want to visit! (Print version, 2pp)
      • 4 coop locations (BLUE) are open for Visitors both Sat & Sun.
      • 11 are open Saturday ONLY (RED).
      • 7 are open Sunday ONLY (GOLD). 
      • Hosts of this year’s Tour live in 19 of Chicago's 50 Wards: 1, 2, 12, 19, 20 (2), 25, 26, 31, 32, 33, 36 (2), 40, 41, 43, 45 (2), 47, 48, 49, and 50!


  • Download and print the Half-Sheet Flier to post in local stores, library branches, cafes, etc (pdf attached below).
  • Forward the link for the 2016 Tour press release to neighborhood media, bulletins, and news sources.
  • Join and invite friends via the Facebook Event notice.
HOSTS: Want to host one or both days of the Tour?
Fill out the Tour Host Application online, and send photos of chickens, coop/run, and yard to by Friday July 29, 2016. Please request if you need the application sent to you as an attachment.

2016 HOSTS: You should have the following documents for the Tour. Please download and print attachments if you need copies.

Windy City Coop Tour 2011

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