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Welcome to Shoji's Chicago Blues Lesson Page


100 Essential Traditional Blues Instrumentals

These are 100 essential traditional blues instrumentals that Shoji recommends everybody to listen to.

100 essential traditional blues instrumentals

Shoji's 100 Blues Songs (Traditional Blues)

These are the Essential Blues Standards that Shoji recommends every student to learn.

100 blues songs

I am working on more lists such as "100 R&B songs," and "100 R&B and Jazz instrumentals" for blues musicians to learn.

Please check back for those lists.

"Chicago Blues Guitar lesson Video" page.

I am making simple lesson videos for my students and for everybody who is interested in Chicago Blues Guitar.

My focus here is "accompaniment."

I hope you enjoy learning and playing Chicago Blues guitar with me.

Thank you!

Shoji Naito

Shoji also makes practice tracks for harmonica players.

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