The Chicago Section of the American Association 

of  Physics Teachers

Fall Meeting 2015

Roosevelt University

November 14, 2015

Plenary Speaker: Dr. Aaron Titus, High Point University
Dr. Titus is an active member of the PER community, with his hands in many projects. He has been a leader in the national AAPT organization, and currently serves on the Executive Board.
Keynote Talk: 
Incorporating Student Research into
Your Physics Courses

Abstract: I like to define student research as asking interesting questions and finding answers to those questions. Video analysis is one of the most economical and flexible experimental techniques to enable students to do undergraduate research, starting with introductory physics. Computational modeling, using tools such as Easy Java Simulations and VPython, allow students to solve problems numerically so that they can compare predictions from theoretical models to experimental results. Student projects will be demonstrated, with an emphasis on the benefit of undergraduate research in the freshman and sophomore years. If you want to hook students on the excitement of independent discovery, then video analysis and computational modeling are for you.

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The 2015 National Winter Meeting 
will be held in 

New Orleans, Louisiana January 9-13, 2016