Alderman Cochran Co-sponsors Ordinance Calling for Vehicle Impoundment of Violators of the City’s “Gun Offender Registry”

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Alderman Cochran Co-sponsors Ordinance Calling for Vehicle Impoundment of Violators of the City’s “Gun Offender Registry”
At the Chicago City Council meeting on February 15, 2012, Alderman Willie B. Cochran joined colleagues Alderman Edward M. Burke, James A. Balcer, and Carrie M. Austin in proposing a new law that would put motorists found in violation of the City’s gun offender registry law at risk of having their vehicles seized and impounded. 
“Under the new law that my colleagues and I are proposing, Chicagoans convicted of gun offenses will have an even greater incentive to register with the Chicago Police Department,” stated Alderman Cochran.  “The bottom line for our communities is greater safety.  Police officers on the street will have one more way to stress the message that people should take compliance with this law very seriously.”
Chicago’s Gun Offender Registration Ordinance became law in 2010 and mandates that individuals residing in the City who have been convicted of weapons violations must register their names with the Chicago Police Department.  The law is similar to a sex offender registry and requires gun offenders to provide the Police Department with information, including date of birth, height, weight, eye color, driver’s license number and photo identification.
Gun offenders must register with police for four years after their conviction and are also required to provide police officials with additional information, such as their place of employment and details about their conviction.
Violators currently face fines ranging from $300 to $500 for failing to register or incarceration for a term not to exceed six months, or both.
“We have found vehicle impoundment to be an effective tool in enforcing other laws, such as cracking down on drag racing on city streets,” Alderman Cochran added.  “We anticipate that by adding this provision to the City Code we will increase the number of convicted gun offenders who are registering under the law.”


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$2M in Resources Dedicated to Keeping Branch Libraries Open Six Days a Week

CHICAGO – Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Library Commissioner Mary Dempsey announced today that branch locations of the Chicago Public Library (CPL) will be open on Monday afternoons starting February 6, 2012. 

 “We made a commitment to children and residents that libraries would be open six days a week, and we are delivering on that commitment without any cooperation from union leadership,” said Mayor Emanuel. “Branch libraries will open on Monday afternoons – and all day on Mondays when Chicago Public Schools are not in session – to provide students and others the many resources the library offers.”

 City officials are re-allocating more than $2 million in resources to keep branch locations available six days a week. These resources will allow 90 positions to be placed in CPL branches including restoring 65 positions from savings inside and outside the library system. This includes shifting 25 library staff from Harold Washington Library to branches; reducing maintenance costs and services at the central location; leaving unfilled positions vacant; and reducing tuition reimbursement allotments. 

 “I know our librarians are committed to providing the best services to the children and residents of Chicago, but unfortunately their union leadership would not partner with us on a solution,” said Mayor Emanuel.  “Keeping libraries open on Monday afternoons – when children are out of school and need a safe place to study – is the right thing to do for our students and residents.”

Chicago Public Library Branch Schedule for the Remainder of 2012
36 Weeks when CPS is in session – 44 hours a week
Four hours on Monday afternoons
Eight hours Tuesday through Saturday
Does not include scheduled holidays
16 Weeks when CPS is not in session – 48 hours a week
Eight hours Monday through Saturday
Spring break
June, July and August
Winter break
Mondays in February
·       February 6 – Open half-day
·       February 13 – Closed (Lincoln’s Birthday)
·       February 20 – Closed (Washington’s Birthday)
·       February 27 – Open half-day

Monica Haslip of Bronzeville's Little Black Pearl Workshop in O Magazine

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Check out one of Chicago's Very Own, Monica Haslip of the Little Black Pearl Workshop featured in O Magazine. Click the PDF below for the full article.

Aldermen Call for Hearings on Police Staffing

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“What you found supports my belief that redeployment of officers based on need is a reality and not a request,” Cochran, a former police officer, told the CNC.

Cochran said when he was on the force, he and other officers often voiced concerns about the number of cops assigned to some districts.

“We always complained about it,” he said. “They still complain about it.”

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How Emanuel is selling his monster water fee hike

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"Coincidental, or foresight on the mayor's part?" said Ald. Willie Cochran, when asked about the timing.

Part of Cochran's 20th Ward was affected by the water main break. I asked him if the neighborhood flooding makes the increase an easier sell to his ward's residents.

"It's not an easy pill to swallow when you start talking about increasing fees at this time, as it ...was in the past," Cochran said. "It wasn't done in the past."

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Cash-strapped Chicago mulls easing marijuana law

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Chicago Alderman Willie Cochran, who spent 25 years as a city police officer, backs the ordinance.

"I support it because people are getting arrested, going into court and judges are ... dismissing (the cases) and releasing them all anyway," Cochran said.

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City Council hears about homeless cuts; librarians protest at mayor's office

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Ald. Willie Cochran, 20th, said that he and other aldermen are working to find an alternative. 

“There’s always room, when you’re at this stage of the budget, to talk about where we can look,” for additional revenue sources, Cochran said. 

Norfolk Southern Foundation Contributes $15,000 to Dulles Elementary

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Photo from Dulles event.
left to right:
  • Mae I. Jefferson, Partnership Coordinator, Department of External Affairs and Partnerships, Chicago Public Schools
  • Willona Abner-Adkins, Assistant Principal, Dulles School of Excellence
  • Pamela Creed, Principal, Dulles School of Excellence
  • Chuck Allen, Consultant, Norfolk Southern Corporation
  • Nathaniel Gaines, Senior Trainmaster-Calumet, Norfolk Southern Corporation
  • Crystal James-Wash, Assistant Principal, Dulles School of Excellence
  • Barbara Holt, Chief of Staff, Alderman Willie B. Cochran 

Media Alert

Contact: Ashley Hooks (773) 955-5610;

Norfolk Southern Foundation Contributes $15,000 to Dulles Elementary

WHAT: John Foster Dulles Elementary will be presented with a $15,000 unrestricted contribution from Norfolk Southern Foundation.

WHO: Alderman Willie B. Cochran, 20th Ward; Principal Pamela Creed, Dulles Elementary; representatives from Norfolk Southern Foundation and other community partners.

WHEN: Friday, July 23, 2010

11:00 a.m.

WHERE: John Foster Dulles Elementary School – Principal’s Office

6211 S. Calumet


CHICAGO (July 22, 2010) – John Foster Dulles Elementary, a Chicago Public School, will be presented with a $15,000 unrestricted contribution from Norfolk Southern Foundation as a result of a public/private partnership facilitated by Willie B. Cochran, 20th Ward Alderman.

Norfolk Southern Corporation is one of the nation’s premier transportation companies. Its Norfolk Southern Railway subsidiary operates approximately 21,000 route miles in 22 states and the District of Columbia, serves every major container port in the eastern United States, and provides efficient connections to other rail carriers.

John Foster Dulles Elementary shares property lines with Norfolk Southern Railway and they have begun to explore educational opportunities for Woodlawn youth with field trips to the rail yard, class-related projects focusing on Norfolk Southern and exploring potential professional careers within the railroad industry.

“As schools are challenged for resources, it becomes increasingly important that partnerships are established with private entities,” said Alderman Cochran. “We are grateful to this national institution for the contribution and the $15,000 check represents only a portion of the community benefits that will come as a result of this partnership.”

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