Wig Gallery

Various wig stylings and commissions.  I can offer simple styling and cutting services, if you require anything more complex or wig dying I would recommed Seph Wigs (whose link can be found in my Affliliates page).

All wigs are shown oldest to newest.

Rainbow Dash (My Little Pony)

Styled for myself for the 6th Bristol Cosplay Clubnight.
Work included trimming various coloured extensions and sewing them all into base wig.  The waving of the wig was done by SephNoir.

An and Eiru (Sailor Moon R)

Styled for myself and Shenny for Ayacon Revolution 09.
Work included parting the bangs, unpicking wefts from the back of each wig and sewing them into the bangs of the opposite wig.

N. Italy (Axis Powers Hetalia)

Styled for myself for Fuyucon 09.
Work included cutting a lot of excess hair, colouring the pipe cleaner, shaping and attaching it to the wig.  I wanted a natural look.

Black Jack (Black Jack)

Styled for Umbrav for the Grand Cosplay Ball 09.
Work included brushing out the old gel in the wig, trimming and spiking.

Luke Von Fabre (Tales of the Abyss)

Styled for Mirrorshield for MCM London May Expo 2010.
Work included brushing out the wig, spiking and colouring the tips.

Ryoko (Tenchi Muyo!) - Coming soon!