Punky Star Dress (Original Design)
"This is the most awesomest dress I have ever owned!  Everybody asks me where I got it, plus it's really comfy and fits perfectly, and is exactly what I wanted!  Even though Chibi is my friend and friends are supposed to say good things, she's very talented and extremely awesome at everything she does, a true perfectionist and I'll guarantee that whatever you need, she's the gal to do an awesome job!"

Personalized Cherry Blossom Badge
"A gorgeous badge, I was proud to wear it all weekend and it still lives on my backpack. :)"

Black Star (Soul Eater) Wig
"It stayed in place the whole time I was at expo even with mass Black Star glompings.  It was a vast improvement on my own hack and slash stylings, would have done Black Star's own attempt proud! Still looks great 6 months on."

Lolita Top Hat
"The lolihat I got from Chibi was super-adorable, really beautifully made and actually pretty sturdy! It withstood a bit of battering from a larger top hat (long story), and a night out in the wilds of Bristol city centre, and still looks splendid. Definitely recommended <3"

Meilin Li (Card Captor Sakura)
"The Meilin Dress that Chibi made for me was fabulous, really beautifully made, excellent quality and a good price. Even when Chibi was sick she still managed to make both of my costumes and for that I am eternally grateful to her. I'm definitely going to commission her again in the future because she is an excellent dressmaker. The judge at the masquerade complimented me on how well this dress was made and if I had made it by myself I would have received a prize for it."
-Moon Ninja

Karin (Naruto)
"Chibi made my Karin costume for the same event as I was using the Meilin dress, its made with excellent quality the same as my Meilin dress. I loved wearing this even if it was only for a little while ^^"
-Moon Ninja

Charmander Kigurumi (Pokemon)
"The Charmander Kigurumi that
Chibi made me is the cutest present I have ever recieved. It is so comfortable to wear and just as I wanted it. I'm very excited to wear it around KitaCon, as well as just around the flat! The only bad thing about it is the jealousy it has caused amongst my friends, they all want one! XD"

"Chibi has made numerous costumes for me over the past year and her determination and attention to detail is inspiring. With every new costume she teaches herself new methods to make the item exactly how you want it to look and feel. Very highly recommended."