Here I will try to answer any questions you might be wondering ^^

What sort of commissions do you take?
- General clothing commissions; I'm most adept at dresses and skirts.
- Cosplay; Anime/Manga/Game/etc characters.
- Small props and accessories; Lolita chokers, bracelets, Neko bell necklaces, cherry blossom pins, etc...
- Simple wig styling.
- Fursuits; At the moment I'm only taking partial fursuit commissions, that means ears, tails, handpaws and footpaws.
If you have something else you'd like to put forward, don't hesitate to ask ^^

How long does it take to make a commission?
That depends on what is being commissioned.  If you're asking for something like a set of paws and a tail it could take a few days or so then I'd send it off.  Obviously if it is something quite big, intricate and/or detailed it will take longer.

What do I need to include in an email when I would like a quote?
For me to give you an accurate quote I will need:
- 3 or more high quality reference images (front, side, back).
- A deadline you need it by (if it's for something specific).
- Information on whether you'd like any changes made to the original design, any extras or parts you would like left out.

I can't find any good reference pictures, what do I do?
If you can't find any good images of the character or costume you would like then I would suggest finding someone who could accurately draw it for me.  Failing that if you can give me an accurate description of the character and whatever pictures you can find, I can draw up some detailed sketches and give you a quote from that.  If that is the case though I will be needing a small fee for the sketches.

I'd like to have a costume of one of my original characters, would you make it for me?
Yes, provided you give me all the right information and accurate references.

I'm happy with the quote you've given me and I'd like to commission you, what do I do now?
Once you've decided you would like to commission something from me I will need:
- Accurate measurements (specific to what I am making for you, I will let you know).
- A deposit; this will be for the cost of fabric and materials.
- Your full name and address.
Once the commission is finished I will email you several pictures of the finished product.  If you're satisfied with the outcome I will take the rest of the total quote price and send it to you.

Do you ship outside of the UK?
Currently no, but if I find that I get a lot of commissions I may branch out ^^

What forms of payment do you take?
I will accept Paypal, cheque and postal-order, preferably the latter as it doesn't incur an online transfer cost.

Do you have warranties on your products?
Yes, my warranties last for a month.  If you find that something needs taking in, something falls off or in general something is wrong, send it back to me and I'll fix it for free and send it back to you.^^ If it is a fault on my part then I'll pay for the P&P, but if something is wrong because of negligence to the costume then you will have to pay the P&P yourself.  If you are sending something back to me to be fixed then please wash it beforehand, I will not work on an unwashed costume.

I've decided I don't want the commission anymore, can I get a refund?
No, once I've started working on your costume the deposit is final.  That is why I take the rest of the quote price at the end.  Please make sure you definitely want it before you ask me for it as there could be other people waiting for commissions and I don't like wasting time.

What sort of fabrics do you use?
That would depend on the cosplay.  If it's something quite simple I will usually use a cotton or a poly-cotton; it's durable and comfortable.  If the cosplay demands a different kind of fabric, such as leatherette or satin, I try my best to find the right kind.  There is nothing worse than seeing a cosplay ruined because it's been made with the wrong fabric.  I often try to imagine what sort of fabric the character would use or have access to if real, to get a sense of authenticity ^^ Also, I ask that if you are allergic to any fabric (wool, for example) please let me know!

Do you have to make me the whole costume or can I ask for just a part of it?
I'll happily make partial cosplays for you, as long as you let me know when you're asking for a quote.

Are you available all the time?
No, I'm not, I'm still attending university.  I will still always make time for customers though, so as long as you give me enough time I will try my hardest to make it for you ^^ This means be realistic with your timing, if you ask me to make a full cosplay in a week it's most likely not going to happen, unless it is an extremely simple one.  Also, around convention-time I usually have my own and my partner's costumes to make.

Once you've sent it off, do I need to do anything else?
No, as long as you let me know when it arrives and if it all fits ^^ If you're satisfied with my work I would love to have a photo of you wearing it and a comment from you, then I can put it on my Customer Feedback page.