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Happy Father's Day

The King of Thailand Turns 80

Chiang Mai was alight on December 5th as Thais and ex pats alike celebrated His Majesty's 80th Birthday. We wish HM continued health and long life!

The North Gate

Chiang Mai's Best Jazz Club

The North Gate has easily become one of the most popular, regular destinations for Chiang Mai's young ex pat community. With nightly jazz performances starting around 9:30 PM with different performers and occasional guests from the audience, the North Gate offers something unique to the often repetitious Chiang Mai live music scene. In addition to nightly music peformed by true lovers and technicians of jazz, the North Gate offers a variety of drinks not normally found within Chiang Mai- notably red and white wine, mojitos, and other mixed drinks. The staff is quick and efficient and prices are damn cheap!

Get out to the North Gate -- just within the moat and east of Chang Puak Gate (the North Gate).

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Loi Kratong Celebration at Mae Jo University

The COWBOYS again host the greatest kom loi launch

Loi Kratong remains one of my all time favorite Thai holidays and there is one place definitely worth an evening as part of the celebration: Mae Jo University. Located north of Chiang Mai, Mae Jo University holds the largest synchronized Kom Loi (hot-air flying lanterns) in Chiang Mai. As you can see from the pictures and the Youtube video <tb posted>, this is something not to be missed.  Festivities began in 2007 around 4PM, but folks that just wanted to be a part of the launch could get there as late as 8PM for the 9-9:30PM launch. The time of the celebration changes each year, so plan to be in town in November in 2008 and keep an eye out for the final dates of the launch.


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