Students from a total of 16 schools and art groups submitted paintings for the 2010 calendar, and we are very grateful to everybody - the children of all ages who, with full hearts, took time to create their art pieces, and the teachers and parents who encouraged them along the way.

Participating Schools & Art Groups

American Pacific International School School, Chiang Mai
Baan Kob Dong School, Fang
Basak School, Banthi, Lamphun
Chiang Mai International School, Chiang Mai
Children's Shelter Home, Chiang Mai (Joy's House)
Christliche Deutsche Schule, Chiang Mai
Daroon Pattana School, Makrue Chae, Lamphun
Kamol Art Gallery & Design Centre, Chiang Mai
Language Corner, Chiang Mai
Lanna International School, Chiang Mai
Nawattaphume International School, Krabi
Nawattaphume International School, Lampang
Prem Tinsulanonda International School, Chiang Mai
Sankhayom School, Makrua Chae, Lamphun
Studio Maa Dang (Art Group), Chiang Mai
The Prince Royal's College, Chiang Mai
Wat Thaduea Community School, Chiang Mai

All 96 paintings submitted were numbered and displayed according to age/school grade. No indication of the artist's name, or school attended were indicated. Judges were asked to give each painting a score of between one and ten points, ten being the highest, based on 1) Originality 2) Creativity 3) Composition 4) Colours  5) A feeling of "Nature & Culture of Northern Thailand"

The following 14 paintings received the highest combined aggregate scores from the four independent judges on Wednesday 15th July 2009, and were featured in the 2010 Chiang Mai Charity Calendar.

Descriptions given by the artists have not been edited
for grammar or spelling!

Title:  Northern Thai Nature Heritage

My painting shows the beautiful “Yang” trees, many over 100 years old, which line the old
Chiang Mai-Lamphun Road, many draped with orange fabrics as a gesture of blessing,
and just one example of Mother Nature's gift to the people and the
heritage of Northern Thailand.

By:  Sabrina Magnusson,
Grade 7, Student at Kamol Art Gallery & Design, Chiang Mai

Title:  Songkran in the Wat

My painting describes the Nature & Culture of Northern Thailand because the painting shown the Songkran
tradition which are fun. However, this painting also contains "Kon Sey Kon Wat" tradition.

By: Rangsimon Pholchareonchit,
Grade 6, American Pacific Int’l School, Chiang Mai

Title: Victory Drum and Lanna Traditional Culture

This painting tells us about the traditions, grace and wealth of
the Lanna culture in Northern Thailand.

By: Anupong  Punyoyai,
Age 17, Asia Technology School

Title:  Hmong Family

My painting shown the way Hmong family live surrounded by nature.

By: Thanit Jarentpotsataporn,
Grade 9, The  Prince Royal's College, Chiang Mai

 Title:  Monks on Horseback

The mountain temple in Northern Thailand is a long way from Bintabath village, so the monks
go on horseback, reflecting the nature and culture of this beautiful land.

By: Saowaluck Rueangwiroon,
Grade 11, Student at Kamol Art Gallery & Design, Chiang Mai    

Title: Chiang Mai Land of Wonders

 My picture shows Lanna women who are called "Wiangping" wearing
brightly coloured sarongs called "Phasin"

By: Nidtaya Sukka ,
Age 18, Technology Asia School

Title: Three Together

We grow up in a beautiful Kingdom together with our rich culture
and the pure beauty of nature.

By: Raya Na Chiang Mai,
Grade 11, Student at Kamol Art Gallery & Design, Chiang Mai

Title:  Night of the Northern Thailand

As shown, the elephant itself represents both the culture and the nature of Thailand. 
The colours (Thai Flag) and the brush its holding clearly gives the idea of the
Thai Culture and the nature. The background then distinguishes
the painting’s purpose of the Northern Thailand.

By:  Gabriella Park,
Grade 10, Chiang Mai Int'l School, Chiang Mai

Title: Beautiful Nature & Culture

I love to live with nature around, green and peaceful.  The culture and tradition that I see and
experience are with our village since a long time ago, and I love it,
and would like to see it like this forever.     

By: Kaek Mole-Saeng and Korn Lai-Herng,
Grade 5, Baan Kob Dong School, Fang

 Title: Peace in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is beautiful.

By:  Raksin Johnson Dokbua,
Grade 2, Prem Tinsulanonda Int'l School, Chiang Mai

Title: My Life & My Culture

My live surrounded by mountains, trees and culture. I love to make merit,
because it makes me feel good all the times.

By: Rujira Nai-Thee & Kanda Nai- Lu,
Grade 3, Baan Kob Dong School, Fang   

Title:  The Northern Lifestyle

My painting shows that Northern people live with nature.  People usually plant crops
and often find time to visit the temple and make merit.

Yathiwadee Anankul,
Grade 7, Nawattaphume Int'l School, Lampang

Title:  Chiang Mai, My Home

The North is well known from its nature and beautiful culture.  It is the region which different from other parts of Thailand.
Northern people are great, they try to save nature, make river clean and keep the same culture.

By:  Ngo Nai-Mai,
Grade 6, Baan Kob Dong School, Fang

Title: Village Folk Catching Fish

In the mountains of Northern Thailand, people have to know how to live off the land even
in the twenty-first century. They have lived this way for many years and are content,
which is something I admire about them.        

Rangsan (Guide) Sonklatoh,
Grade 9,  Sankhayom School, Lamphun     

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