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"Thailand's Tourism Ambassador"



he Chiang Mai Charity Calendar project is currently 'on hold'

With many travel companies (which provided the bulk of our sales) operating on reduced budgets, there has been no 2011 or 2012 edition.

Many requests have however been received, both from within Thailand and overseas, and a large number of people clearly loved the product. We hope therefore to start again in 2014, but it is sad to record that only one hotel and one guest house in Chiang Mai bought the 2010 calendar, despite the fact that its main aim was to promote the destination for all those who rely on tourism.

Much therefore will depend on the private sector recognising that we need to join hands in marketing the city together, and for tourism-related businesses to be prepared to allocate a relatively tiny part of their budget to support the cost of future editions.

Printing and producing the calendar for 2008, 2009 and 2010 was paid in advance by the organisers from their own funds, the cost each year exceeding 500,000 Baht.

The 2010 edition barely managed to cover expenses, and we were only able to donate just over 100,000 Baht, compared to over 600,000 Baht raised with the 2008 edition. In the end, several thousand unsold copies were given away.

Any company who wishes to support a future project is invited to make contact.

We would love to hear from you-


The calendar serves to  promote Chiang Mai and Thailand in an enduring, unusual and attractive fashion;
to raise funds for rural children, and to involve local schoolchildren in a creative and rewarding endeavour.

The non-profit Chiang Mai Charity Calendar is now in its third successful year, has raised over one million
Thai Baht for rural children, and is welcomed into homes and offices all around the world.  

"The calendar from Chiang Mai is not just beautiful, but has a sense of spirituality and goodness about it
that makes it a pleasure to look at"
- Mark Whitman, Chiang Mai Mail

Students from different schools voluntarily paint pictures depicting attractive aspects of Northern Thailand. Promotional text and photography are added. The end product showcases the destination year-round in an appealing, non-commercial way. The 14 paintings submitted for the 2010 calendar were selected by independent judges. They are displayed here.

Main Features of the 2010 Calendar:
Total 40 pages with 14 paintings by schoolchildren reflecting with the theme "Nature & Culture of Northern Thailand"
View Sample pages

Artworks are provided by City Life Magazine and printed by Chotana Print Company on a non-profit basis. 10,000 calendars are printed. Production expenses are over 500,000 Thai Baht, which the organisers fund themselves at their own financial risk. The calendar has no sponsors, and carries no advertising.  

Fund raising:
The calendar is sold for Baht 100 to residents, tourists, travel agencies, hotels and corporate companies, and can be custom-made with company logo, greetings etc, on the front cover, or on both sides of an extended 1-inch base. The total revenue less the production expenses is donated in full towards the education of rural children. The project is non-profit, supported by volunteers, and no party receives any financial benefit. 

Custom-made Calendars for the travel trade, and corporate companies:
Delight customers with the ultimate year-end giveaway. Click here to see 2010 prices and examples.

The first 2008 calendar generated 604,000 Baht which was donated to an orphanage in Samoeng, a small town about an hour's drive from Chiang Mai. (link)

The 2009 calendar was affected by increased printing costs and the economic crisis, but nevertheless raised 423,000 Baht. (link)

The 2010 calendar was seriously affected by the recession in the Thai travel industry, and lack of support from the private sector, but nonetheless raised 111,000 Baht (link)

It has hence raised over a million baht for rural children in three years; travelled to offices and homes all over the world, and raised global awareness of Chiang Mai and Thailand in many different countries. It is often referred to as "Thailand's Tourism Ambassador"

2010 Calendar Page Breakdown

Page 1 - Front Cover Page with one student's painting
Page 2 - Message from TAT
Page 3 - History of the Calendar
Page 4 - Map of Chiang Mai (courtesy Nancy Chandler Graphics)
Pages 5 to 10 - Texts & Colour Photography 
Page 11 - Thanks & Acknowledgments
Pages 12,14,16,18,20,22.24.26,28,30,32,34,36 - Thirteen Students' Paintings
Pages 13,15,17,19,21,23,25,27,29,31,33,35,37,39 - Fourteen Calendar Months
Page 38 - Thai Holidays & Important Dates
Page 40 - Calendar Year 2011
Features: Main Thai and international holidays and
special days; moon phases and week numbers.

Size A5:  148 mm high x 210 mm wide (5.83" x 8.27")
Selling Price including custom-made envelope: Baht 100.-

(Last update 19 July 2010)

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