We have often observed the hard work and sincerity of the volunteers running this organisation, and without their compassion and love of animals, hundreds of dogs in Chiang Mai would suffer horrible  suffering, and a slow painful death. Great work which you can see at http://www.carefordogs.org/ 


FERC, the Foundation for the Education of Rural Children (Chiang Mai, Thailand), is a nonprofit organization, registered in Thailand and the United States. Its primary objectives are very close to our own:

-To provide aid and support for education, medical care, finance, materials and equipment to children and their families in the North of Thailand.
-To promote and support organizations that make educational contributions to the rural Thai community.
-To give access to education through scholarships.

FERC’s main activities are dedicated to fund-raising.  These funds are then donated to other charitable organizations and to scholarships. More information at: http://www.thai-rural-education.org/

~~We will be adding more to this web page when time permits ~~


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