The following 86 images - entered voluntarily for the 2009 Calendar project by the students - make up the total of 100   paintings received. Many of these are for sale, and will make attractive & unusual enhancements to your home or office! Please email us (chiangmaicalendar (at) for more details & availability.  Most are painted on art paper, some are on canvas. The size in all cases is 15 x 22 inches. Proceeds from sales will be added to our next calendar project.  A selection of this paintings is on display at "Just Khao Soy" restaurant in Chiang Mai

No.1 "Lanna House"

This is a Lanna House in Chiang Mai.
By: Maeve Maclachlan, K3  Age: 6
Prem Tinsulanonda International School

No. 2  "The Princess of Thailand" 

The Princes of Thailand is Thai dancing.
By: Jessica Challenger, K3
Prem Tinsulanonda International School

No. 3  "Tea Dance Ladies"

These ladies are Thai dancers, dancing the tea dance from Chiang Mai
By: Keeley Cannings, K3 Age 6
Prem Tinsulanonda International School

No. 4. "Lanna House + Elephant in Chiang Mai"

This is my house in Chiang Mai with elephants!
By: Pakorn (Om) Arjpothi,  K3  Age 6
Prem Tinsulanonda International School

No. 5. "The King of Chiang Mai, The Queen of Lamphun and Golden Buddha"

The Mae Nam Ping flows down from Doi Suthep to all of Thailand
By: Yoshita Chaem, K3 Age 5
Xang Studio

No. 6. "Wonderful Doi Suthep"

I wanted to share my memory of Doi Suthep with everyone who
has never come and visit Doi Suthep.  I'd say it was one of my
delightful experiences. Chiang Mai is the city of temples,
but the one on Doi Suthep is the best.
By: Punn Viravaidhya, K3 Age 7
Prem Tinsulanonda International School

7. "My King" 

This is my king taking photos of a sun flower.
By: Amanda Rauner, K3 Age 7
Prem Tinsulanonda International School

No. 8  "I Love Chiang Mai Zoo - Our Day’s Out with Daddy"

I love Chiang Mai Zoo because there is a train that we can ride anywhere else in zoo.
The animals, are my favourite like crocodile, snake, lion, tiger, rhinoceras, elephant and that's all!

Chiang Mai Zoo is one of the places to see in Chiang Mai. By: Tom Jose Dendy,
K3 Waidaloon Kindergarten

No. 9. "Full Moon of Thai 12th Month"

(No description given)
By: Sid Sriyabhaya, Grade 1 Age 6
Xang Studio

No. 10. "Delightful Lanna"

Lanna people love nature, dancing and they are friendly.
They like to go to temple.
By: Suchaya (Punch) Sethapanichsakul, Grade 1 Age 7
Nakorn Payap International School

No. 11. "Khon Lanna"

Thai Lanna Dance is the famous in the north. Normally we
will show at New Year (Songkran Festival) period.
By: Salisa Yodying, Grade 3,
Nawattuphme International School, Lampang

No. 12  "The Beautiful Life of Lanna"

There are many type of mountain people who live in Lanna such as Long Neck,
Karen, Lahu, Meo  and others. They live peacefully in Lanna.
By: Supitcha (Pear) Sethapanichsakul, Age 9 Grade 3
Nakorn Payap International School

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