We include this profile of Dr. Penguin who was so helpful to us in stage-managing "Small Wonders"
Without his experience and willing assistance, we would have been in trouble!

Currently Dr. Penguin is producing his new TV series "Dr. Penguin Just Visiting this Planet" It's a 13 episode adventure comedy for children of all ages. The show is 30% animation, and the rest is real footage shot in 20 countries. The show is about Dr. Penguin travelling through space with Captain Sturgeon the commander of the spaceship, and Infiniti the first Science officer to investigate global warming on planet Earth. To be released 2009.

Dr. Penguin has performed all over the planet, from the Olympics and Paralympics in Beijing 2008 to major rock shows (U2, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Annie Lennox, TOTO, etc) to high society and royalty (the Royal Families of the UK, Brunei, Thailand, Nepal, Bhutan, Malaysia, Denmark et al) and even major political events like APEC.

Dr. Penguin performs his own special brand of Comedy Magic, one of the original "Bad Boys of Magic" he developed his style of interactive comedy from a combination of studies with great theatre icons such as Jacque Le Coq, and Marcel Marceau in Paris to La Mama in New York. After graduating from UC Santa Cruz, in 1976 he set off to tour the world for 6 months, which ended up becoming a lifelong pursuit! He worked festivals and the streets of Europe getting a grip on interaction through different languages and cultures. This led him to creating "The Magic Circus" which toured Europe, North Africa, and overland to Asia.

In Asia Dr. Penguin found his niche, delving into ancient cultures and magic, he developed a deep love of anthropology and travel. He began extending his talents to TV and radio, performing, writing, directing, editing and producing.

Apart from his own TV series ("Dr. Penguin's Magical World") which has already been broadcasted in 25 countries from Singapore to Mexico. He also appears regularly on STAR TV's "Travel Asia and Beyond" which airs weekly in over 100 countries on STAR World, STAR PLUS, FOX AUSTRALIA, AB SAT Europe, the UK Travel Channel, PBS USA, UBC as well as on Scandinavian and Dutch TV. He's appeared extensively on other networks from Discovery Channel, BBC to CNBCHe also worked several years performing at the prestigious Oriental Hotel (Bangkok) as the resident magician. He also worked many other hotels and venues around the world. They include the Grand Hyatt chain, the Nusa Dua Beach Hotel Bali and The Beverly Hills Hotel for the Sultan of Brunei, The Accor Group, Sheraton, Park Royals, Ritz Carlton's, and the list is too long!

Other venues included his talents as a consultant and performer for the Singapore Zoo, the Jurong Bird Park (Singapore), Safari World (Thailand), Ocean World (Taiwan), and Xintiandi (Shanghai). Dr. Penguin developed safe and friendly "Magic Shows" with animals, mammals and birds.

He has organized Children's Arts festivals and events in Singapore, Bangkok, Phuket, Bali, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Sydney, Perth, Copenhagen, Kathmandu, New Delhi, Goa, Penang, Amsterdam, Phnom Penh, Saigon, and even Papua New Guinea!

For the past 6 years he's been working in China, The USA, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Cannes, and Australia. In Shanghai he's been a regular feature at La Maison's Cabaret Show in prestigious Xintiandi. He also worked with both Ferrari and Fosters for the Formula 1 in Shanghai.

Apart from the above mentioned roles and his celebrity profile, Dr. Penguin brings with him extensive media contacts and artist contacts, which are vital in establishing major events. Dr. Penguin's Magic
Circus is also a group of top performers who travel each year to raise money for Children's charity projects.

Dr. Penguin's Magic Circus and The Laughing Wizards

Every year, a group of international "comedy performers" comes together from all corners of the globe to entertain audiences and raise awareness and money for needy children. Cleverly orchestrated by radio and television personality - Dr. Penguin - this unique group of multinational entertainers, perform in some of the most diverse locations and under very unique circumstances; from an outdoor stage for 30,000 people in Shanghai to a long house in Sumatra, or an opera stage in Singapore.

They are known to all and sundry as the "Dr. Penguin's Magic Circus" and they offer their collective talents for the mere pleasure of making people laugh! Venues include festivals, theatres, stages, TV, orphanages, schools, and even remote villages.

Whether performing at prestigious - society backed - fund raisers, or in front if a group of homeless street kids, the Magic Circus is about promoting the spirit of humanity through the universal language of humor.

The performances change every year – as do the venues and destinations; but The Mission Statement always remains intact – to bring happiness to as many as possible in a very short period.

Dr. Penguin
"Just Visiting This Planet"
Currently in Siam

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will
know peace".   Jimi Hendrix

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