2008 Chiang Mai Charity Calendar Project donated Baht 604,000.- to the
Dream Weaving for Peace Foundation
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        Several hundred students, parents and members of Prem Tinsulanonda International School's teaching staff assembled on the last day of the term to enjoy this special occasion in the school's auditorium

        Present were Khun Junnapong Saranak,  Director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Northern office Region One;  Mr. David Baird, Chief  Operating Officer, and Head of School;  Khun Bunnam Wirutkaman, Director of the Dream Weaving for Peace Foundation, plus 20 children from the Foundation, together with the Prem students whose paintings are featured in the calendar, and Ms. Ramlah Jafri, the calendar's creator.

David Baird: "An immense amount of work"

        Mr. David Baird opened the proceedings by highlighting the immense amount of work and dedication which had gone into creating the calendar over many months, and congratulated all concerned on the wonderful achievement. Khun Junnapong echoed his comments, and added that a tourism promotion for the city combined with a charitable cause, created by international school students to help underprivileged children, was a unique and commendable achievement,  one which had been realised beyond all expectations.

         A very grateful and slightly overwhelmed Khun Bunnam Wirutkaman thanked the children and the organisers, and confirmed that the funds will be used exclusively for educating the children in her care. The children who receive an advanced education will also share a long-term commitment to support the Foundation, thus perpetuating the benefits for all for many years to come 
Picture shows back row (l-r) Khun Junnapong Saranak, TAT Director Northern office Region 1, Ms. Ramlah Jafri, and Mr. David Baird, Head of School. Seated in the front rows, left side, the children who painted the 13 calendar images, and on the right side, children from the Dream Weaving for Peace Foundation with its Director, Khun Bunnam Wirutkaman seated far right.

Six hundred and four thousand baht (almost US$20,000) realised through "Children helping Children"

Ramlah: "so happy that it succeeded"

A happy ending - and a new beginning for children who will now
have a good education, and a real chance in life. They, in turn,
will share a commitment to support their Foundation in years to come

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