Chiang Mai Charity Calendar 2008

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"Children helping Children"

        The following five web pages display all the paintings submitted by students (except the thirteen winners selected selected by  a panel of  judges who have a page of their own here)  The images are listed randomly, exactly as they came to us for uploading, and they are not in any order of merit. 

        We would like to stress that no prizes or incentives were offered for this project. Students and their parents were also aware that paintings submitted would not be returned, but instead offered for sale, with all proceeds destined for the charity pot. Despite this, and a relatively short time given for work to be completed (particularly with ongoing studies and pressure of exams) a total of 103 students submitted paintings to the Charity Calendar on a voluntary basis, wholeheartedly joining in the ‘Children helping Children’ concept, - and also helping to promote their city.


        We were delighted by this response, and our profound thanks goes to everybody - students, parents, school management, teachers, admin staff and all others - for helping us to achieve this. Most of the paintings were done by single artists, but a few were joint efforts, and the total number came to 93, including a few who entered more than one image. Titles and (often delightful) descriptions are included under each picture, together with the nationality, name and grade of the young artist. Dual nationalities, where given, refer to those of the parents.For those unfamiliar with school grades, K1-K3 generally refers to children from three to five years old. Grades 1 to 12 from six to eighteen years old.


        Please sit back then, and enjoy this simple show – and remember, we were not looking or asking for budding ‘Rembrandts’ or 'Constables' -- we just wanted the ‘children to help children’ in any way they could, with or without artistic or creative talents, but just with willing hearts.  We think you will agree, the results are charming……….click the 'Next' link at bottom right to scroll through the four galleries which follow, and 'home' to return to main page/site index.

Title:  My Memory

I choose to draw waterfall because the first time I came to Chiang Mai. I went to waterfall. 

I can’t remember which waterfall but I can remember that is was fun!

By: Arysa Kurata - Japanese/Thai 

Grade 5D  


Title:  Splashing Waterfall

This is one of the very beautiful waterfalls in Chiang Mai.

You can see many colours in the water.  The water is cold and refreshing.

By: Oliver Rose - Australian

& Thomas Brunning - British/Thai

Grade 2D  


Title:  The City of Chiang Mai

This is a beautiful city in Thailand.  There are many colourful houses and parks.

We can walk through Chiang Mai’s parks and see so many trees and grass.           

By: Kuang Tananuwat  -  Thai             

Grade 1T


Title:  Mountains

Chiang Mai such a great place to live because of the mountains.

By: Christopher Bell (Kris) - British/Thai



Title:  The Rainbow Over Doi Suthep

By: Shalev Benita  - Israeli

& Ju-in Assawaphaphon - Thai

Grade 1T    

People go up Doi Suthep.  There are many places to visit. It is very beautiful. Doi Suthep is a tall mountain.

If you want to go to Doi Suthep, it takes a long time on the long road.

The rainbow is to show us how bright it is.


Title:  Weather

Chiang Mai is such a great place to live because when it’s cold, it hot.

By: Carmen Hodgson - British



Title:  Fruits Markets, Farmers & Mountains

To me Chiang Mai is a great place to be because of the fruit markets,

the farmers with their buffalos and beautiful mountains.

By: Michelle De Vries - Dutch

Grade 5D              


Title:  Fancy Building in Chiang Mai

There are many fancy building in Chiang Mai.

By: Katrina Meilhbradt - German/American








Title:  Mae Rim, Chiang Mai

The waterfall is beautiful. The cows walk with people sometimes, and then they go to eat grass.

The roads are wonderful because so many cars can pass along them.

People can go to town, to work and to the elephant farms.

By: Marcus Hansen - Danish/Thai

Grade 2D

Title:  Chiang Mai Rice Fields

I drew this picture because I live in Chiang Mai. Most Thai people job is farming

and I love the mountain and the sunset. I also drew a Mae Ping river.

That’s why I think, Chiang Mai is a wonderful place to live.

By: Jessica Hodgson - Canadian/Thai

Grade 5D

Title:  A View from Doi Suthep

It is evening time.  The view is beautiful. We can see trees, houses and mountains.

We can see the Ping River.  We can see the city of Chiang Mai.

We can see the Night Bazaar and many tall hotels.

By: Soo Hyun - Korean

& 'Bani' - Thai

Grade 1T 



Title:  Hiking Places in Chiang Mai

I like Chiang Mai because of there are lot of interesting hiking places.

I like to go to the hill tribes with my friend.  This picture shows

my friend’s dad camping place. He brings people here to hike.

By: Roman Reisinger - German/Thai

Grade 4S


Title:  Zoo

Chiang Mai is a wonderful place to live because I can go to the zoo.

By: Ticha (‘Team’) Ballapapinan - Thai





Title:  Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a very good place to live in because there are lots of beautiful temples, great schools,

and nice nature.  People here are very kind too; I think that is why

people call Thailand the land of smiles.

By:  Honey Daengdej - Thai

Grade 4S


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