What People are Saying About the Chiang Mai Charity Calendar

"This lovely item will make an ideal gift, giveaway or souvenir, and it will find its way into homes and offices in countries all over the world, showcasing our city's attractions in a most unusual and attractive way throughout 2008. The more calendars that can be sold, the more benefits there will be to deserving charities, and to our tourist industry. I will therefore be most grateful to all those who can assist with promotion, publicity and sales, to help give this worthwhile venture the success it deserves."
-Junnapong Saranak
Director, Tourism Authority of Thailand
Northern Office Region 1 
"The calendar contains colourful images and compelling text, designed to encourage travellers of all types to visit and stay longer in Chiang Mai. This combination of innovative tourism promotion for the city plus the support of charities for children, sets a wonderful example to the travel trade, which we applaud heartily"
-Raini Hamdi
TTG Asia Magazine

"A large proportion of tourism promotion material ends up in waste bins. The beauty of this innovative desk calendar with its charitable objectives is that it is being noticed, talked about, and will sit on thousands of desks around the world throughout 2008. Achieved by volunteers and school children, it will doubtless stimulate considerable interest in Chiang Mai, and is a highly commendable initiative. Its organisers deserve maximum support, especially because they seek no personal publicity or private gain from their effort, thus epitomising the true hallmark of doing good."
-Imtiaz Muqbil ,
Executive Editor
Travel Impact Newswire
"During my decades of experience in travel, I have never encountered such a charmingly simple but highly effective way of promoting a destination. The parallel desire to raise funds for poor kids adds even more to its impact. Very well done indeed."      
-Peter Diethelm  
Executive Chairman
Kuoni UK
1974 to 2005
"Attractive and very unusual promotional tool for Chiang Mai.
An excellent innovation - has my full support"
-Luzi Matzig
CEO Asian Trails
"A very unusual and attractive desk calendar with promotional text and lovely paintings by schoolchildren. Its year-long message will undoubtedly help Chiang Mai's tourism, and also support poor children in need. I like this idea very much"
-Viraj Chimprasert
Manager-Tours (inbound)
World Travel Service
"A great idea and a very effective tool - people pick it up and start reading, and that's exactly what promotional material is supposed to achieve. The support for children's charities gives it a highly commendable dimension. Excellent!"
-Richard R. Brouwer
Chief Operating Officer
Diethelm Travel Asia Ltd
"The calendar is not just a way of displaying the months of the year, but a profile of our city and lifestyle of the people. I support this wonderful work by the children. I give the calendar to my company's clients, who say it is a very unique and valued gift. These paintings by kids bring harmony to society. People smile after seeing this, and the more people smile to each other, the more friends we create"
-Boong Chaladlam
Managing Director.
Boutique Travel Service.
Chiang Mai

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