Chiang Mai Charity Calendar 2008 




         The heart of this unusual non-profit, non-commercial desk calendar is a set of charming paintings "created and donated" by students of all ages and nationalities from an international school in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, in a spirit of Children helping Children. Its simplicity, and general appeal gave us the honour of having the (at that time) Thai Minister of Tourism and Sports, Dr Suvit Yodmani, travel up from Bangkok to attend our official launch. The proceeds of sale will be donated to a small orphanage on Friday 4th April 2008.


        The images reflect why the students think  ‘Chiang Mai is a Wonderful Place to Live’  The 5 pages of descriptive text describe the city as a prime but very often under-rated destination for travellers of all kinds. Realised completely by local residents and schoolchildren, without advertising or sponsorship, it is possibly unique in terms of destination promotion.


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