Where the Charity Calendar Funds will go
- Supporting a small orphanage in Samoeng -



As beneficiary, we  selected the "Dream Weaving for Peace " Foundation 18, Moo 3,  Banngamaeng, Tambol Maesap, approx 20 kms from Samoeng, and 70 kms from Chiang Mai city.  They are currently looking after 25 orphans, and we were impressed by their self-sufficiency, eco-awareness, cleanliness, and compassionate dedication to the children. It was personally recommended to us by a trusted friend,  we spent a whole day there, and it was chosen based on fullfilling the following parameters:

  • Located in the northern region preferably Chiang Mai province. 
  • Dedicated to the welfare/education of children. 
  • Efficiently and economically managed by devoted people of high integrity. 
  • Without top heavy or expensive administration. 
  • Small, secular, not already well-supported, and where even small amounts of money will make a difference.
  • In urgent need of help  
A copy of their Registration Certificate is below. There is a simple web site here

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