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Chiang Mai Charity Calendar 2008 

The Winning Entries

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The Winning Entries - The Grand Gallery!

The following paintings were chosen from a total of 93 entries to be included in our Charity Calendar. In the pages that follow, you can view all the other submissions too, and enjoy our city as seen through the eyes of children of many different nationalities, and all ages.....please enjoy!

Title: Sawasdee krub   Sawasdee jao

This place is full of nature.  The flowers are so beautiful, and the pretty waterfall. The trees are nice and clean. Elephants are real Thai animal. Pandas in Chiang Mai Zoo are cute. The smiley face of peoples who says: “sawasdee krub” for boy and “sawasdee jao” for girl.  And the most special thing is “Doi Suthep”, the place that Chiang Mai people so respect

                  By: First Kunchan - Thai Grade 2D         

Title: Scenery of Chiang Mai

This picture is scenery of when I thought of Chiang Mai.  I drew this picture because I like Chiang Mai’s natural trees and fruits. Also, I enjoy watching the water buffaloes.

By: Rintaro Sakai - Japanese

 Grad 5D 

Title: Cultural Heritage of Lanna Kingdom– Chiang Mai

Life in Chiang Mai is very special. People here do many different activities such as umbrella making and painting, offering food to the monks, planting rice, working with elephants, and many more lovely things to do. Many shining gold temples are found in the old city, as well as in surrounding villages, which visitors can enjoy visiting. Scenery over the mountains and paddy fields are absolutely beautiful. Local food is great. People are very nice, warm and friendly. And this is why Chiang Mai is a wonderful place to live

By: Nur Sabrina Magnusson - Swedish/Malaysian Grade 5D

Title: Chiang Mai 

This painting shows Chiang Mai.  I drew a temple, mountains, flowers, an elephant, a buffalo, two hill tribes, and a Thai girl smiling. A temple because there are many beautiful temples in Chiang Mai. Mountains because Chiang

Mai is lucky to have such beautiful mountains. Flowers, they are so beautiful and with Royal Flora that you

want to have the same at home. An elephant for all the beautiful elephant parks and shows in Chiang Mai.

A buffalo for all the hard work that they do, and because we see them a lot. Two hill tribes because

it’s Chiang Mai and that there are a lot of hill tribes. A Thai girl smiling because Chiang Mai is in

Thailand and it’s the Land of Smiles. That is why I think Chiang Mai is such a great place to live!

By: Naomi Reymond - Swiss/French Grade 5J

Title: Nature Op.1

By the mountain range of Chiang Mai people usually plant their rice by using ladder rice field.  Ladder

rice field is the rice field that plant the rice between the ladder make by the mountain range.  This rice

field often plant in Chiang Mai and it’s the thing that the ecotourism gain the tourists for.

By: Phurich Phusapanich -Thai

Grade 8

Title: Prem Centre

The reason I came to Chiang Mai is because of Prem Centre. I was fascinated

by the variety of flowers here.

By: Suzu Sakai - Japanese

 Grade 7

Title: Mountains with Waterfalls in Chiang Mai

I draw this picture because I like to go mountains with waterfalls. I think Doi Suthep is in a Chiang Mai. And I think Doi Suthep have a waterfall too. There is a sun look like a natural. And some people like to go to mountains like me! In mountains it’s got a lot of tree.  So, you can breathe well. That’s why I like mountains.

By:  Soo Ji - Korean

  Grade 2D

This picture show what we like about Chiang Mai, we like lantern the most because
it is really beautiful and if and went to the lantern festival that the picture would stick with them forever.
By: Julia Simhony & New Year, Grade 9M & 6L

Title: In The Rain in Chiang Mai

The people are gardening in Chiang Mai.  It is raining.

By:  Wasan (Sean) Sabah - Thai/Israeli

Rebecca Strudwicke British/Thai

& Thuntanu (Nano) Wanisornkul, Thai


Title: Sights, Sounds & Smells

Markets are everywhere in Chiang Mai and full of everything you could imagine – clothes and hair accessories, fried insects, and pad thai, strawberries with sugar and roasted corn with butter.  The colors – of people’s clothing, of the goods for sale and the fruits and vegetables – are vibrant.  Chatter fills the air.

People are cheerful. I always enjoy going to the market.

By: Kaiya M. Adam - American

Grade 4T   

Temple In Chiang Mai

Long time ago Chiang Mai use to be center of Buddhism in the Northern Thailand. That’s why you can findbeautiful temple in Chiang Mai.

By: Arysa Kurata - Japanese

Grade 5J


Title: Doi Inthanon and Doi Suthep

The two beautiful mountains called Doi Inthanon, and Doi Suthep look lovely over Chiang Mai. Doi Inthanon

is the highest mountain in Thailand. Elephants and buffaloes are real Thai animals.

By: Crawford Service - Canadian

& Charatthep (First) Khunchan - Thai

Grade 2D

Title: View from My Room

View from my room is beautiful. I can see the water flow in the river. The sky has different colours.  There are lots of trees and colorful flowers along the river. Chiang Mai is beautiful. You can see 2 different flags on the bridge.

By: Mizuki Matsumoto, Grade 2D