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        This web site contains information about the "2008 Chiang Mai Charity Calendar" - a non-profit project created by international school students and two foreign residents who voluntarily wished to promote their adopted city, and raise money for an orphanage.

        It had never been done before, and it involved a huge amount of work. The final and happy result was nearly ten thousand copies being sold, featuring paintings created by the students representing why they think "Chiang Mai is a Wonderful Place to Live"

        Sold to visiting tourists, and offered as year-end gifts by many different travel companies to their customers, the desk calendars have found a place in homes and offices all around the world, each one carrying a strong promotional message for this northern Thai capital, and demonstrating the power of "Children helping Children" - it raised 604,000 Baht  (nearly US$19,000) for charity.

        Please enjoy browsing here to learn how it happened, to view the paintings that were submitted, and how the Thai Minister for Tourism and Sports at that time took the trouble to fly up from Bangkok to support the launch.

        If you would like to browse leisurely, you may wish to start here at the introduction and follow the "next page" links.  Should you wish to go straight to the various painting galleries, please click here

        If you are looking for a specific page, please see the links below. Comments and suggestions are welcome, please contact us here.

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