Chiang Khong was first established 710AD as a riverside trading community on the banks of the Mekong and is rich in history, culture and fantastic beauty. Today the greater Chiang Khong area has about 65-70,000 people, with an average population per square kilometers of 76 persons. The community of Chiang Khong itself has a population of around 15,000 persons. The Lat/Long is 20.16North and 100.24 East. The elevation in town is 350 meters above sea level and twenty minutes out of town the highest point is at 1,297 meters. There are also nine different “Hill Tribe” groups in the vicinity.

A bridge is currently under construction in Chiang Khong connecting Thailand with Laos, and when completed in 2013 will provide easy access into Southern China which is just 4 hours away by a recently completed highway through Northern Laos.

While there are up market resorts in the greater Chiang Khong area and more under construction on the Laos side of the Mekong, Chiang Khong has managed to hang on to its laid back, relaxing environment and local business and community leaders are doing all they can to insure it stays this way. Young local people that had previously gone away to the more metropolitan centers for education and work, are now returning and quietly going about establishing small business that should enhance the development of the community while maintaining it’s uniqueness as a small riverside community.