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我是從台灣來的黃嘉琳  中央大學大氣系畢業後  到美國波士頓大學念書  目前在 University of New Hampshire 做太空物理的研究工作

I am a Research Scientist at the Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and SpaceUniversity of New Hampshire, Durham, NH, USA.  

My research interests are structure and dynamics of Earth's magnetosphere, high-energy particle physics at the near Earth environment including radiation belt electron's acceleration, transport and loss mechanisms, and galactic cosmic rays access to the lunar environment using satellite data, global MHD simulation and particle trajectory code

  • Office:  UNH/EOS, Morse Hall, 8 College Road, Room 353, Durham, NH, 03824
  • Phone:  603-862-3228

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