CHI 2017 Course: Research Methods for HCI

Duncan Brumby, Ann Blandford, Anna Cox, Sandy Gould, Paul Marshall.

We shall be running a full-day course on Research Methods for HCI at CHI 2017.

Date: Saturday 6th May 2017

Time: Starts at 09:00 (full-day)

Please head to the CHI registration portal to register for the course.

Course Overview

People use interactive devices to support an ever-increasing variety of daily activities. In order to develop a detailed understanding of how we use and interact with our device eco-systems, HCI research must be diverse in the methods and approaches that it uses.

In this course we shall introduce research methods that are used for understanding people and interactional contexts. The course will give an equal focus to quantitative and qualitative research methods used in HCI research.

The course will be run in a way that is accessible to students, researchers and practitioners from all backgrounds: there are no prerequisites. To keep things lively the course will use a mix of lectures and whole-class activities.

By the end of the course attendees will have a detailed understanding of how to select and apply methods to address a range of problems that are of concern to contemporary HCI researchers.

Course Content