Examples of cool products

Angry birds 
In this blog, Charles L. Mauro analyses the user experience of the popular game 'Angry Birds' and tries to pinpoint why it is 'cool'.
Senseo coffeemaker
The Senseo coffeemaker was introduced in 2001 by Philips Electronics and Sara Lee. Philips and Sara Lee realized that the circumstances in which people are enjoying their coffee are changing. Drinking coffee no longer involves preparing a big pot with coffee, for all family members, joining together in the kitchen or the living room. Furthermore, consumers are looking out for new coffee blends, desiring different tastes for different moments during the day. But to many, drinking coffee still is more than just consuming a beverage. Realizing that coffee is about emotions, Philips and Sara Lee introduced with the Senseo a new way of drinking coffee.
The Senseo is a pod-based coffeemaker, which does not look like a traditional coffeemaker or like a complicated espresso machine. It makes one or two cups in slightly over a minute, which cuts down on the waiting period associated with other ‘pod’ based machines. And it is very simple and easy to use. Other important features are that the coffee pods are available in different taste varieties, allowing everyone in the family to have their own cup of coffee according to their personal preference. In addition, the Senseo is available in a range of colors (e.g. cobalt blue, black, and white) and also in an aluminum design, but occasionally, and in limited editions, also in other colors.
Senseo coffeemaker
This supports the idea that the Senseo is not a regular coffee maker, but a special appliance, personalizable, and with a novel design and variation in its appearance. Moreover, it provides your own coffee, just the way you like it, with little effort. This brief breakdown already contains a starting point for further analysis and comparison that could lead to heuristics for product development in other cases.
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