CHI2012 Workshop: "I just love this product" Looking into wow products, from analysis to heuristics

Introduction to the workshop
Increasingly products need to be ‘cool’, ‘wow’, fun, rather than merely being 'functional' in order to appeal to consumers. Product innovation then turns into not only working out how to apply technologies to realize some useful product function, but also in how to create an appealing and alluring experience. The core question one would like to see answered already early on in the development process is, of course, how we can make sure that the final product is going to be fun, pleasurable, appealing (in addition to being functional and usable). However, when looking at the literature, no real, concrete, hands-on answers are popping up yet. On the other hand, in industry and academia much tacit knowledge and experience must exist, about what worked before and what not. Analyzing systematically successful product introductions, tapping into that tacit knowledge, may help to derive heuristics that can support new product and service development, and aid in a better understanding of this elusive concept.

Workshop objectives

The aim of the workshop is to derive a set of practical, concrete heuristics through analyzing and comparing examples of successful products and services, brought in by the workshop participants.
Position papers discussing in detail a wow product or service will provide the starting point for an in-depth analysis of a product or service, focusing on what makes it appealing – from a design, a marketing, a technology perspective, or a combination of all those. During the workshop, this material will be used to come to a set of guidelines or heuristics for product or service development that goes one step deeper than what is currently found in literature.