Welcome to the site for the CHI 2009 Workshop: Mobile User Experience Research: Challenges, Methods & Tools

Update: we posted video clips of participants' presentations around the themes that emerged

Aim of the Workshop:
The main goal of the workshop was to bring together researchers from industry and academia, designers, and creators of mobile research tools to discuss methods, tools and infrastructure for mobile UX and HCI research. To achieve this goal, we:
  • Provided a forum for participants to share past experiences, success stories, failures and associated learnings, as well as recurring problems;
  • Jointly prioritized these;
  • Mapped out the dimensions required of mobile research tools, and translate some of these into draft requirements and low-fidelity prototypes for novel research tools.

Workshop attendees:
    • Frank Bentley, Motorola [program committee]
    • Mauro Cherubini, Telefonica Research
    • Henriette Cramer, University of Amsterdam
    • Sabrina Duda, EyeSquare
    • Dean Eckles, Stanford & Nokia Research Center [organiser]
    • Jerry Fails, University of Maryland
    • Maria Håkansson,  Swedish Institute of Computer Science / Mobile Life Centre
    • Torgny Heimler, Sony Ericsson [program committee]
    • Henri ter Hofte, Novay (formerly Telematica Instituut)
    • Michael Jefferson, Frog Design
    • Kent Lyons, Intel [program committee]
    • Clara Mancini, The Open University
    • Peter McLachlan, Handi Mobility & University of British Columbia
    • Yelena Nakhimovsky, Google [organiser]
    • David Poole, Google
    • Judith Ramey, University of Washington
    • Lynn Rampoldi-Hnilo, Oracle 
    • Emily Reardon, Sesame Workshop
    • Jens Riegelsberger, Google [organiser]
    • Carol Taylor, Motricity & University of Washington
    • Arnold P.O.S. Vermeeren, Delft University of Technology
    • Rob Willems, TNO
    • Andi Winterboer, University of Amsterdam

    Workshop organizers:
    • Yelena Nakhimovsky, Google
    • Dean Eckles, Nokia Research Center; Department of Communication, Stanford University
    • Jens Riegelsberger, Google

    Program committee:
    • Frank Bentley, Motorola Labs, MIT, US
    • Dr. Scott Counts, Microsoft Research, Redmond, US
    • Sabrina Duda, EyeSquare, Germany
    • Dr. Gillian Hayes, UC Irvine, US
    • Torgny Heimler, Sony-Ericsson, Lund, Sweden 
    • Pekka Ketola, Nokia, Tampere, Finland
    • Hendrik Knoche, University College London, UK
    • Sven Koerber, SirValUse, Germany
    • Dr. Joke Kort, TNO, Netherlands
    • Dr. Kent Lyons, Intel Research, Santa Clara, US
    • Dr. Misha Weiss-Leijn, Shozu, London, UK