Welcome from the College of Health and Human Services College Council!

Happy Fall Semester Aztecs!  
Welcome to your resource page for the activities and events for Health and Human Services

Aztecs Rock Hunger Award Ceremony

Has been rescheduled until further notice!

Final Meeting of the Semester: 

December 2nd!

10:00am in Council Chambers

Have a happy holiday break! Good Luck with finals CHHS!

Cord Point Forms for Fall 2015 are due by December 2nd! 

Please turn in your physical cord point record form to the Directors of Public Relations and fill out the online survey by December 2nd

Our College Of Health And Human Services College Council...

Is a way for students in the college to become aware of the:
    • Organizations,
    • Events, and
    • Opportunities that pertain to your specific major!
We inform students of important issues happening on campus - For Example: 
    • Student success fee
    • Upcoming large-scale events, etc
We bring in professionals from the health and human services field to: 
    • Present and give us a better understanding about the work force

Want Some Background Information? Well...
Our College Is Composed Of 5 AMAZING Majors
    • They are:
    1. Exercise and Nutritional Sciences (ENS)
    2. Public Health
    3. Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences
    4. Social Work and
    5. Nursing 
And Accompanying These 5 Majors Are Over 20 Student Orgs! 
    • These student organizations commit to: 
    1. Serving SDSU and the community
    2. Helping students grow into leaders and 
    3. Assisting in creating long-lasting relationships throughout your college career
So Go Ahead And Look For One That Fits You!  
    • Click Our: "Organizations" tab to find one NOW!

Once again, welcome to the College of Health and Human Services College Council page! 

Have A Look Around, Click Some Links To Your Left, And
    • See you every other Wednesday at 10:00am on the 3rd Floor of the Student Union in the Council Chambers! 
    • And don't forget...

Why Get Involved?
No matter your major...
  • Getting involved with your college council is a great way to both work with organizations that share your interests and connect you with students on the same academic pathway! 
Whether your passion is in...
  • Volunteering, building awareness, or exploring your career options, CHHSCC has a variety of ambitious organizations you can join!
We Challenge You to...
  • Take advantage of the opportunities our college council provides and, in return, promise to help you make your SDSU experience both meaningful and fun! 
Remember To Check Out Our:
  • "Events Calendar" to see what CHHSCC has going on this semester**

As a council, we hope to...
  • Promote the interest of the students within the CHHS majors
  • Develop articulated procedures for organizing and coordinating interdisciplinary student participation within the CHHS
  • Develop and maintain systems of communication to act upon professional and non-professional issues affecting the students of the CHHS


Aztec Student Union


Last Semester Meeting:
December 2nd

Cord Point Forms Due by December 2nd!

Reminder About
**Cord Points**
Email ALL your org events for cord point approval **TWO WEEKS BEFORE** 
the event

**Email Them to**

Want to Find Out Which Events You Can Receive Cord Points For?

Check out our
 "Cord Points" section 

Want To Come To A General Body Meeting?

They are every other Wednesday! 
(See Dates Below)

**Location & Time**
Council Chambers
(3rd Floor of Student Union) @10:00am

**Meeting Dates**
September 9th
September 23rd
October 7th
October 21st
November 4th
November 18th
December 2nd

Have Any Questions? 

Please feel free to Email us! 

**Our Email is** chhspublicrelations@gmail.