Volunteering and Math / Science Office Volunteers

We are always in need of volunteers to help provide strong support to the Math/Science program and Clover Hill High School.  You can volunteer in a number of ways - whether donating your time or contributions of food items, etc.

The Math/Science Office Volunteers program has been very successful as well. We have been able to supply volunteers to help make copies for the Mathematics and Science teachers, giving them more time to do other work. We make copies in the Math/Sci office on Wednesday mornings from 10 am to 12 pm or earlier. If you are kind enough to volunteer, please always call the office on your appointed day to be sure that they need you before going to the school.

If you would be interested in joining this team, or volunteering to help Math/Science in any other way, please complete the volunteer form, and send it to sandybrown0823@verizon.net.  This is a wonderful way to help the teachers,  the department, and our students, and your time will be greatly appreciated!

Help with hospitality at school events
The Exponents try to help with many events at school, such as teacher appreciation and special student assemblies. These events can usually be found on the Exponents' calendar. To help with current volunteer opportunities, please get in touch with Louise Ensley at ensleytribe@verizon.net.  The following list shows school events that Exponents usually helps with. Please check the calendar for current schedules:
  • Math Science Welcome Session (Back to school in September)
  • Math Science Open House and specialty fairs in October
  • Teacher appreciation and monthly faculty meetings
  • Giving Campaign - open and acknowledge gifts to M&S
  • Math Science testing in February
  • Adjudication (student application and test judging)
  • Shadowing days - March
  • Welcome session for rising freshmen - May
  • Convocation - May

Exponents Board Positions

If you are interested in helping as a member of the Exponents in a dedicated way, we are very interested in hearing from you. We are always looking for individuals willing to help and who are interested in being a future board member. Please contact Diane Perkins at dianeap@aol.com , if you would like to serve or would like more information about being a member of the Exponents Board.