Mrs. Van Eck's 1st Grade Class

From roving reporter Martha Cranell's time capsule
Mrs. Alice Van Eck's 1st Grade Class at Glenwood Elementary School

Roll Call
Back Row:  Chris Mead, Alison Hill, Butch Bishop, Jimmy Critcher, Bob Shankle RIP, Becky Humphrey, Greg Drake, Lynn last name?, Bobby McKnight
Fourth Row:  Richard Whitaker, Randy Mayor, Danny Miller, Martha Mathews, Bill Sowter, Kathy McKee
Third Row:  Martha Crandell, Betsi Terrell, Ruthie Bodenheimer, Connie Oakley RIP, Amy Langenderfer
Second Row:  Robert Rogers, John Cherry, Jimmie Taylor, Andy Tripp, Mari Chambers
Front Row:  Bobby Wheeler

 John W. Powell 

John  was a member of the original Reunion Steering Committee and provided sage advice throughout the summer planning sessions.   John and his wife Tracey, live in Apex .  They have four children; Caitlin, Jamie, Allison and Nicole

BA~NC State University
Class of 1976

SITA is a multinational information techology company specialising in providing IT and telecommunication services to the air transport industry. Originally known as the Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques is now known simply as SITA.

The skinny on John from John:
Thought I'd add a note on what I've been up to. According to my children I fly around the world and buy nice dinners. Actually that's not far off - I work in business development for an airline/airport IT company so I do fly around the world and buy nice dinners. We've been living outside Apex in the country near Jordan lake for 21 years. Our youngest daughter is still at home and finishing high school. I try to have lunch with Elliott and David Parker at least once a month or so. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone and if you're ever passing thru let me know. It'd be fun to catch up.

Allison, Nicole, Caitlin, Jamie

Believe it or Not!!!
The Tale of Finding Frank French

The "WATN?" Bounty Hunters started looking for Frank at the beginning of April, 2011.  They knew he went off to a private school in Missouri after 7th or 8th grade but continued to live in Chapel Hill and spent the summers and holidays there.  They found an address on Old Lystra Road but no phone. Esau cold-calls a Dr. Frank Sikes French of UNC fame who is some sort of UNC research scientist hot shot that came up on a google search.  He is indeed Frank’s father.  Esau has the added pleasure of having Mr. French reminisce about him and his brother Bobby and their adventures; some would call it unstructured mayhem, in the neighborhood.  They talk for a while and he gives Esau Frank’s contact information and mentions he married a girl name of Sherry Wynn.  Esau asks if she is related to Stacy Wynn. 

Dr. French replies, “Why, she is Stacy’s sister.”

"WATN?" had been promoting Frank as a person of interest for over a month at that point as well as listing him on the big board of "classmates we are looking for" at the web site. 

Stacy Wynn was part of the original inner circle of 50 found prior to April 10.  Stacy is active on committees, Facebook, and going to the meetings in Chapel Hill. He grew up in the same same neighborhoods, Coker Hills and Lake Forest, as Frank and Esau.  All three were in Troop 835 together. 

Frank French was contacted on May 17, more than a month after finding Stacy.  When asked if he had heard there was a reunion being planned that he was invited to, Frank replied, 
"No, but I'll be sure to tell Stacy Wynn. He's my brother in law you know and I am sure he'll be interested." 

Esau took down Frank's contact information and then compared it with Stacy's. Check it out.  Not only are they family,

They are next door neighbors!!! 

Stacy Wynn 
1234 Old Lystra Road 
Chapel Hill, NC 
Frank and Sherry French 
1236 Old Lystra Road 
Chapel Hill, NC 
When interviewed by "WATN?" in a follow up, Stacy shared a truly pleasant and infectious laugh.

You can’t make this shit up!!!

 Frank Sikes French Jr.

Frank left after seventh grade to attend a prep school in Missouri.  He is marrried and WATN? thnks he hastwo children.  He and his wife live in Chapel Hill and he commutes to work as a manager at a grocery store in Burlington.

 Stacy Hunter Wynn 

"Where Are They Now?" brings its viewers this edition from the confines of the media and publishing conglomerate,  The Daily Tarheel . Stacy has put in over thirty years getting out the campus newspaper.  Stacy is lending his expertise as a roadie in getting the Rigmor set up for the weekend festivities including parking (quite the clallenge if the turnout is as expected)  and set up for Liquid Pleasure.

Stacy and his wife Tracy make their home in Chapel Hill. 
Editorial Production Manager
The Daily Tarheel
BA Journalism
University of Texas at Austin
Class of 1976
Former Grateful Dead Roadie

This week's "Photo Caption" Contest
Stacy is a happy camper:
A bunch of really cool students and co-workers at UNC allow me to work with them to produce an extremely fine daily newspaper, whose content just happens to be generated by college students. Did I mention it's the best job ever?
Believe it or Not!!! 
The Story of Finding Tyrone Edwards

DATELINE "WATN?" Studios, Bounty Hunters Division
22 OCTOBER 2011

From the Bounty Hunter Files
Of Michael "The Man" Esau:
April 2, 2011:  Several leads on Tyrone, all pointing to Seattle working as a chef.

June 23, 2011:  Located DeWitt Long today. Tyrone elevated to "Most Wanted CHHS Classmate". Set bounty at $1.00.

August 26, 2011:


As some of you know, me and some others have been hunting for Tyrone pretty fierce including the Caldwell brothers-actual real police. Now the bounty has been raised to $30.00 for information leading to contacting him. Tyrone and I hung out some after high school when we were both working in restaurants until 1982 so this is personal and I would like to find his butt. We have been chasing our tails. He was last known to be working as a chef in an Irish pub in Seattle, WA circa 1996. I called the pub and they did not recognize the name so he probably moved on.

September 11, 2011: These are the leads we have accumulated: 
A lead from classmate Kevin Taylor, June 29 at 2:57pm Hi Mike, Now that the bounty on Tyrone has gotten so big I thought it was time to weigh in. He went to Seattle, mostly, because of a girl, of course. I think her name was Nikki Taylor and I think she was a year behind us at CHHS. Don't know if she'll be easier to find than Tyrone, but if so she should be a good lead. 

More from classmate Mac Allen:  I asked my sister, Kathy, now Kate, about Tyrone, because Kate lived in Seattle for a while. Her reply is not helpful, but it will make you smile!
"oh my, I remember Nikki Taylor....they lived up that steep driveway on Estes Dr. right? Her and her sister and mom. Her mom drove a stick VW I think, or something like it, 'cuz I remember her fenagling the gears going up and down the driveway when she'd take us to school. ... Funny, I was in SEA then too. I didn't hang in any pubs tho'! hee-hee. I could use the bounty.... 

The bus driving Tyrone Edwards in Chapel Hill is not ours. The business Tyrone that Mac Allen and Susan Sockwell found is not ours. That guy was nowhere near as handsome as our Tyrone. 

Then the latest break: We established contact with Darryl Revels. His memory suddenly became a little sharper reference Tyrone when the reward was mentioned. Tyrone has a much younger brother, around 40 years old, named Gabriel Weaver last known to be in the Greensboro area. 

Found that Gabe on Facebook and messaged him. He actually read it and responded but did not give us squat.  I'm just saying.  

July 21. Michael Esau

o    Gabriel,

What's up brother? My name is Michael Esau. Long story short; I got your name form Darryl Revels and found this handsome mug on FB that has a bunch of friends from NC and looks about the right age.

The rest of the story; I am praying to God that you are the Gabriel Weaver that is the brother of Tyrone Edwards. Tyrone, Darryl and I went to school together in Chapel Hill. After high school Tyrone and I ran together some-we both worked in the restaurant scene and would spend time in the bars around town after work. Last I saw him was around 1984. 

Our class, CHHS Class of 1972, is having a reunion next year and I am the Reunion "finder" guy. Tyrone's trail runs cold for us around 1996 after he followed Nikki Taylor to Seattle, WA. We have about 350 people (his classmates) "looking" for Tyrone.  We want to find Tyrone. Can you help? Please let me know and accept my apologies if I've got the wrong Gabriel.

Mike Esau
(845) 298-8696

      July 27, Gabriel Weaver
o    Yes. I'm his brother.Sry don't do Facebook much.

July 27, Michael Esau
o    Gabriel- I appreciate you don't do Facebook much. Can you tell me how to contact Tyrone-a phone number maybe? Thanks- Mike

August 9, Gabriel Weaver
o    I wish I had a number to reach him myself. I've tried and made numerous efforts to get ub touch but have had no luck.

August 12, Michael Esau
o    Thanks- When I find him I'll message you the contact information.

August 12,Gabriel Weaver
o    Whatever u can do would be great. Thank u

Then a big break !!! 


Seattle, WA
Lynn Lloyd new "CHHS Most Wanted Classmate"

In an interview with J. Galt of "Where Are They Now?" Studios, Bobba Fetti of the "Most Wanted Classmate Bounty Hunters and Ass." today confirmed that Tyrone Edwards has been located.

WATN?: Is it true that Tyrone Edwards has been located?
Bobba: We have verified Mr. Edwards address in Seattle, WA but we have not as yet established contact. 

WATN?: You said, and I quote, "not yet established confirmed contact". Please elaborate. 
Bobba: We have not actually communicated with Tyrone at this time. We are in touch with his associates and they have passed on our message and we are awaiting a reply. We will release a statement when we have more information. There is no doubt that we have found Tyrone.

WATN?: Then what about the reward?
Bobba: The information was from a source who wishes to remain anonymous.

WATN?: How did this come about?  What was the big break in what appeared to be a series of dead ends.
Bobba: As often happens in cases like these, all it took was the fresh eyes and a little luck.

WATN?: Who is the "Most Wanted CBH & Ass" turning their attention towards now?
Bobba: We are aiming to locate and contact the last of the Vardell Hall High School Gang of Four, Lynn Lloyd.

A triumphant finish to a long chase?  Hardly.  Tyrone had fallen on tough economic times about a decade ago. He qualified for permanent housing for those in need and recovered. He was elected to the board of trustees as one of the two resident representatives in 2005 and has served on the board since. We contacted the  Plymouth Housing Group but due to privacy laws protecting the tenants they were unable to confirm or deny Tyrone's status let alone give out contact information.  They promised to pass along any mailed correspondence to Tyrone, if indeed he was a tenant.  Here's Tyrone at a meeting of the board.

Copy of Return Receipt and letter to Tyrone Edwards c/o Plymouth House:
                                                                                                                                                                              November 26, 2011 

Dear Tyrone, 

What’s up brother?  Michael Esau here.  I bet you did not see that coming.  It’s been too long.  I think the last time we tipped a cool one at He’s Not Here was along about 1982, right before I moved to Florida and started working for the FAA as an air traffic controller. 

The Chapel Hill HS Class of 1972 is having a high school reunion this Memorial Day weekend.  We are contacting classmates all the way back to 7th grade.  We have been locating our classmates since April.  Some other people have helped along the way and I, myself, have  have talked to over 250 classmates of the over 400 we have found so far.

You were hard to find and now even harder to contact!  We started by looking in a Chapel Hill HS Alumni Directory from 1996.  You were listed there as working at an Irish pub in Seattle, WA.  I have several addresses from search engines, but they are all old.  I had one number to a Donnell Edwards that I never got a call back from and it eventually went dead.  I talked to Earl Bynum and Larry Caldwell back home.  They said you had come back for your mom’s funeral about eight years ago and they had not heard from you since.  We put a bounty out for information leading to contacting you.  It started at $1.00 and eventually made it to $30.00 before someone that wanted to find you just as bad as I did got lucky on a Google search and found your name on the board of trustees for  Plymouth Housing Group.  Then I saw your face in one of the annual reports and I knew we had found you.  The classmate, wants to remain anonymous; but I can tell you that are quite a few people that remember you fondly and want to reconnect even if it is just to catch up and reminisce.  I don’t know if you remember but Peggy Beattie and I got married in 1978.  You have met Schuyler, our son.  He was only two then but I brought him to dart matches.  We have a daughter now, Kate-28, and two granddaughters, Megan-8 and Lucy-4.  Peggy misses you, too.  You must have some kind of “Je ne sais quoi”, which you need to bottle and market.

The contact protocol for Plymouth Housing Group has been frustrating for us.  I know they have to protect people’s privacy but it is a ball buster to get through to you.  I have sent this letter to the Plymouth Management Office.  I pray it makes it into your hands.

Dude, please contact me.  We have a bunch of stuff going on that I think will make you smile.  A lot of it is on the Internet so that people can join in even if they cannot actually make it to the reunion.  Besides that, I am pretty sure we can get you to Chapel Hill and back if you are willing.  From that picture, I know you have a Mac and must have an email account.  Life is too short. Here is our web site:
Call me.  Email me.   

Talk to you soon brother, 

Mike Esau
6214 Princess Circle
Wappingers Falls, NY 12590
(845) 298-8696

By the way Tyrone, we found Maureen~Michigan, Lynn~Durham, and Barry~Florida

DATELINE SEATTLE; January 15, 2011                        
Outreach Central "The Hovel", Wappingers Falls, NY
Tyrone Edwards called out of the blue last week.  He said it took a while for the letter to pass muster and make it through all the middle men.  He is still working and living one day at a time.  We have his contact information and we have put Tyrone and Gabriel in contact with one another.  They have been looking for each other for over a decade.  Tyrone basically needs some brothers and sisters to come up with a round trip plane ticket to make it back.  Here's hoping it comes to pass.  Case closed???  Hardly.
You can’t make this shit up!!!

 Tyrone Edwards 

Native Son: 15 March 1954
CHHS Vanguard
Tyrone started work in the restaurant industry while in high school and continued working as a short order cook and chef in Chapel Hill.  In the early 1990's he followed his heart to Seattle and lives there, still.  And he is coming to the reunion!!!

Short Order Cook/Chef
Day laborer
Karate Black Belt

Board of Trustees

Masters in Life
College of Hard Knocks
A Lot of Class

 Madonna Helene Bentz 

Madonna graduated early from CHHS and went on to college at UNC majoring in party.  Madonna helped get this reunion going with the initial outreach effort.  She and her husband, Steve Holstom, live in San Diego, CA.

VP Human Resources

Studio Art
 UNC  at Chapel Hill
Class of 1975

Human Resources & Business 
UC at San Diego

"WATN?" Interesting item #1:  Madonna was married for a time to Charley Mann who has put together the Chapel Hill Memories web site.

"WATN?" Interesting item #2:  Madonna in a film project from back in the day.  Look for her late in the film at aty the 24:30 minute mark.  She expounds on love.

This week's "Photo Caption" contest

Time for a Twin Spin.  "WATN?" was surprised to learn that Dana Andrews and Mike Rubish RIP were cousins.  Read more about Mike on our memorial page and leave an anecdote if you knew him (who didn't?).

 Dana Karen Andrews Crabtree 

CHHS Vanguard
For a while, Dana and her second husband ran a successful business in Durham, Dana's Beach Bingo.  Things got a little squirrelly and they moved to Ohio.  Dana is now single and lives in Hillsboro, OH.  She is just now getting back on her feet after the recession crushed the economy and caused the DHL Shipping Center where she had worked for over 10 years to close three years ago.  She has two children from her first marriage; John Wagner RIP and Jennifer Wagner who still lives in the Triangle area.  Dana's coming to the reunion and is ready to party.

Temp Service
Hard Knocks College
Raleigh School of Data Processing

 Clarence Thomas Atwater 

Native Son: 26 January 1952
CHHS Vanguard

Clarence has made a career with UNC as a Building Environment Technician with the Housekeeping Department.  Clarence and Deborah have a daughter, Rebecca, and two grandchildren.

Alex Michael David

Alex is another classmate that graduated a year early in 1971.  He did WATN? a favor and produced hos own segment,

Senior Program Manger
(aka spy master)
General Dynamics
Advanced Information Systems

BS- Electrical Engineering
Johns Hopkins
Class of 1975

MS-  Electrical Engineering 
University of California, Berkeley~1976

PhD- Electrical Engineering  
Johns Hopkins~1981

Mr Galt,

I have lived in Columbia, MD since 1990 with my wife Susan. We married in 1978 when I returned to graduate school, and have three grown children.  Susan teaches pottery at a Columbia community center and has actively created and sold her pottery for the last 25 years.  Rachel (30) is an artist 

blacksmith living and producing stunning ironwork (  three blocks from the French Quarter in New Orleans.  Toby (27) is an actor/comedian/emcee who hosts his own variety show monthly from a bookstore in Philadelphia.  His day job is as a tour guide for Eastern State Penitentiary, an historic site in downtown Philly.  Mira (25) has just completed her MA in teaching from the University of Pennsylvania and is also living in Philly.  She wants to teach middle school in underserved urban communities.

I have been with one employer since 1976 apart from the three years when I went back to Johns Hopkins for my doctorate: starting at Bell Labs, now in the portion that was sold by Lucent Technologies in 1997 to General Dynamics.  I started by working on innovations to telephone traffic planning in the Bell System, moved into systems engineering first in the Bell Labs Quality Assurance Center, and then to apply active vibration control for US Navy submarines and for command, controls and communications of the US missile defense system.  I now work as a Senior Program Manager in the Annapolis Junction, MD office supporting some of the company’s intelligence community contracts.

We have been fortunate to travel to many interesting places over the years:  Mexico – 5 times, Sri Lanka, Australia, Turkey and Italy, but are increasingly drawn to the Maine coast, particularly the Schoodic peninsula. I continue to enjoy history and biography when there’s time to settle down with a good book.

 Kathlyn Marie Stein Hootstein 

"WATN?" has found that some stories tell themselves.
Kathy and husband, Michael, and their two daughters make their home in Maryland and Kathy works at the hospital as a physician's assistant.  Read on.

Veteran's Administration

BS Zoology
 UNC  at Chapel Hill
Class of 1976

Physician's Associate
Yale University

A Survivor's Tale
By Margaret Williams on 06/24/1998

He was just a boy, looking for a ride.

That's what Physician's Assistant Kathlyn Stein first thought on the evening of March 17 -- until a second boy opened her car door, and she saw the gun.

That night, at approximately 8:15, Stein pulled up to the stop sign at Livingston Street and Victoria Road, her windshield wipers marking time against the rain. "It was probably one of the first warm nights in Asheville," she recalls -- ...

Stein pauses, touches the long brown hair that sweeps down the left side of her face. It hides a small, round scar behind and below her ear...

She looks a bit tired, perhaps, but you'd never guess that a bullet missed her spinal cord by a hair's breadth, just a few months back. ...The complete article

Kathy spent a couple of rounds in court suing the Asheville City School System.  Then the case made its way into the appellate system.

You can’t make this shit up!!!

 Dorothy Ruth Bodenheimer 

Native Daughter: 30 April 1954
CHHS Vanguard
Ruth has been active in organizing the reunion, first as a member of the original steering committee and locating our classmates.  Now, she continues to pitch in wherever she is needed.  Ruth is part of the elite group that started in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro City school system in first grade in 1960 and graduated from CHHS twelve years later.  Ruth was employed by Southern Bell and then until recently, R. H. Donnelley, as a publishing analyst when her job became a casualty of the recession as has happened to others in our class.  She lives in Raleigh, likes the Lifetime Movies for Women channel and hanging out with friends.  Oh, and she is a rabid UNC sports fan.

BA Sociology
 UNC  at Chapel Hill
Class of 1977

From Ruth:  I can't wait to receive my first social security check in 2016.

 Elizabeth Diane Baughman Florio 

CHHS Vanguard
Liz lives with husband Michael Rye, NY with and have two grown children, Alex and Katherine.  "WATN?" finally got the skinny on Liz.  After getting the kids off to school she taught art for 20 years and then retired.  She is active in the community as a mentor and art advocate.
BA Art Education
UNC at Greensboro
Class of 1976

Good news is Liz is all registered up.

 Patsy Ann Barbee  

Native Daughter: 7 November 1953
CHHS Vanguard
Patsy has been on board since day one for this party.  She resides in Hillsborough these days.  Patsy has one daughter, Essence.  She has helped find a few hard to find classmates during the outreach.  

"WATN?" will post an update as soon as we receive one from the field.

This "WATN?" Twin Spin happened well after high school and was a quick tune.  Nancy and John gave it a go but have moved on again.

 John Dewey Cherry 

Native Son: 27 January 1954
CHHS Vanguard
John Cherry makes his retirement home in Nokomis, Florida after retiring from his job in the sports department at UNC. He has self published a couple of books and still likes to hit the links. The WD Men are working on getting a commitment out of Dewey to attend the reunion. The only three still holding out are  John, Bill Moss (the wuss is bailing) and Bill Culton who gone MIA in Chapel Hill.
General Lay About
 UNC  Sports Department

BS Business Admin.
UNC at Chapel Hill
Kenan Flagler Business School
Class of 1976

Guy B. Great Escape 
Roll Call Cover

Color Basketbal
League Owner

John has published a couple of books and you can read about them and John at his web site Better Than Lennon.

John was the organizer for the  CHHS Class of 1972 27th reunion in 1999.  "WATN?" will air another chapter as soon as we gets some pix and and a guest list.

Partial guest list from the CHHS '72 27th Reunion:  Penn Corbett, John Cherry, Will Johnson, Nancy Preston Cherry, David and Linda Lane, Terry Basnight, Jesse Basnight, Larry Caldwell, Jane Wells, Lauri Hopper Langham, Molly Kirpatrick Raymond, David Kirkman...

Hey Mike, 

It will take me a little bit to gather this info. I can tell you that it was in 1999, around 75 attended, we had dinner in Bowles Hall, adjacent to the natatorium. Think we met informally at Baileys on Friday. Have a few pix somewhere. The Beatle tribute band, The Sponegtones, played on Friday night in Bowles Hall. I'll get back to you when I have more. Phone is 941-375-3122.

Only a very small chance I will be making the reunion.  I already had plans to be in NC, but it is early part of May at Holden Beach, where I am half owner of a beach house.  Not cheap to fly anymore.  I am amazed at all the good work you and others have done.  Wish I had had Facebook, email addresses, etc. back in '99 to get more people there.

This week's "Photo Caption" contest

 Nancy Preston Cherry 

Nancy has been pretty busy.  First, she had to recover from Miss Hurricane Irene and she has just moved to Clemmons


A.B. Education
 Appalachian St. Univ. 
Class of 1976

"WATN?" does have this update from an earlier shoot.  The Prestons moved after Nancy finished 10th grade and she finished up at Starmount HS in Booneville.  She is another classmate that made a career out of teaching our children.  Nancy matriculated at  Appalachian St. Univ.  , one of the finer teacher’s colleges in the USA.   She majored in English/Education, taught 8th grade language arts and ninth through twelfth grade high school English.  After 27 years Nancy turned in her lesson plan, chalk and erasers for a well deserved retirement.
Drew, Nancy and Pat
18 April 2011
Nancy: Hello, everyone! I l just moved from Manteo to Clemmons.  I am retired from teaching high school English, and the grandmother to two little boys.  My son, Pat, practices law in Manteo and lives with his little family in Kitty Hawk.  My daughter, Drew, lives in Wilmington and teaches high school math.  I am grateful to be included in past reunions and this upcoming 40th one!

26 February 2012
I have decided that I wil not attend the reunion. 
Have a grand time!
¿Who can say what the spring will bring? 

 Clara Alicia Fernandez-Bobulinski 

The "WATN?" Bounty Hunters had just about given up on finding Alicia who came to CHHS in her last year of high school.  While interviewing Mickey Fearrington for an episode the crew found out Mickey had been married to Gabriella Fernandez who turns out to be Alicia's younger sister.

Alicia graduated from Old Dominion and now lives in Virginia Beach with her husband, Bob.  They have one son, Anthony.  Alicia and her husband run the non-profit Making A Difference Foundation.  She is active on all fronts advocating for the Latino community.  Alicia was a founding Member of the Virginia Latino Advisory Board  commissioned by Governor Warner.
Community Activist

AB Counseling
Old Dominion
Class of 1976

Believe it or Not!!!
The Tale of Finding Larry Morgan

From the Bounty Hunter Files
Stephanie Plum's, lead bounty hunter, notes:
Larry was born in Chapel Hill.  We had the Morgan family paint company phone number early on and knew all his brothers names-Mike, David and Marvin and figured it would be a piece of cake.  We left messages over and over at three different phones over the next several months with no replies and spent another several hours looking for Larry.  Ruth Bodenheimer decides to pitch in and give it a try.  Twenty minutes later she calls in with Larry's contact information and had enough time left over to talk to Larry for about 10 minutes and friend him on Facebook.  We are still trying to figure out how Ruth did it. 

 Larry Allen Morgan 

Native Son: 10 April 1953
CHHS Vanguard
Larry ended up in the Aloha State where he married Ava and has raised two sons, Corey gpomg onto the FBI & Tyler.

Field Investigator
Horsemen Investigations

Lenoir Community College

Old Dominion
Class of 1976

Michael, Michael, Michael,
As far as my Bio for the last 4 decades, I have had a pretty boring life.  You know that’s a lie!  Anyway, after high school, Alicia Fernandez and I moved away and went to collage at the same school.  In 1976 I moved to San Francisco alone and then to Honolulu in 1978 where I started my career as a Insurance Fraud Investigator.  I did that for 20 years before accepting a position with American Savings Bank as a Corp. Security Investigator handling robberies, embezzlements, and other financial related crimes.  I then accepted a position with the City and county of Honolulu, Medical Examiners Office as a Death Investigator.  After years at the ME's Office and working from 11:00 pm to 07:00 am and my wife begging me to find another job, I recently accepted a position with a private firm as a surveillance investigator handling insurance fraud and criminal cases.  I feel very fortunate to have a fantastic wife of 32 years, 2 sons that I could not be more proud of, and to live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.  Our oldest son just graduated from the University of Hawaii with a degree in criminal justice/psychology and is trying to get into the FBI.  Our other son wants to become a fire fighter after college.
Currently, my only goal in life is to make it to the CHHS Class of 1972 40th Reunion!  
Tell Peggy that I say hi.  Take care my friend and I hope to see you real soon!

From Michael Esau:  I knew he would end up in the crime business one way or another.
Ava and Larry

 Barbara Ann Peters 

Native Daughter: 3 September 1954
Barbara's dad taught at UNC and took a job at the University of California at An Diego and Barbara moved during the summer after 9th grade.  She has remained in California, setting up her office in Palo Alto.  She has her own clinic as an OB/GYN.  She married Mike and they have two children, Robert and Elizabeth.


B.S. Human Biology
Class of 1976

Doctorate of Medicine
Yale University~1979

medical office  is created for the health care of women starting at adolescence onward. My goal is to create an intimate relationship with each woman and provide confidential, comprehensive services tailored to each woman’s unique needs. Working collaboratively with each person, engaging with “unconditional positive regard” leads to productive and lasting healthy life choices for my patients. I offer traditional and alternative/complementary medical treatment options for a variety of health issues.

 Terry Lee Vince 

Terry moved to Chapel Hill from Virginia before the start of 11th grade.  After CHHS she went to Durham Technical institute and became a dental technician.   Tery left that profession to follow her heart and love of animals.  Terry now breeds Arabian horses at her ranch, B'Longame Farms, in Middlesex, NC.  She is slso on the front lines in  rescuing animals  after disasters like Hurricane Katrrina.

Horse Breeder
Ranch Baroness
B'Longame Farms

FEMA Certified Animal Rescue

Dental Technician

 William Franklin Davenport Jr. 

Native Son (Chatham): 1 January 1953
CHHS Vanguuard
Bill, the original "Dude", was born just next door in Pittsboro "back when there were less than 10 people in the town."  These days, "WATN?" understands there are over 15 classmates from the Class of 1972 living there.

Power Plant Operator

Hard Knox University
Master of His Domain

Charlie, Erin, Laura, Amanda, Yard Help, Ollie
Bill Expounds on developments in an interview with John Galt:  I got married to Laura, moved to Cary in '81 and have lived here ever since.  I have two daughters; Amanda is married and teaching in Jacksonville, N.C.  Erin is a senior in high school.
From about '76 to '84, I worked for OWASA, at the water and waste treatment plant.  I remember seeing Esau working construction during an expansion project that tore down the Tin Can back around 1978.  I worked for 25 years at a Japanese pharmaceutical plant in Raleigh, as a stationary engineer (power plant operator), but had to retire in 2009 for health reasons.  I pretty much just hang out figuring out what the next chapter will be. 
Take care.~~Bill

 Laura Anne Kreps 

Laura went off to private school after 8th grade.  She now lives with Phillip Martin in Durham.
Artist/Art Curator
BA Art
Duke University
Class of 1976

 David Jan Story 

Jan had visions of becoming the next Jacques Custeau when he emrolled at  UNC-Wilmington  after high school. Life had different plans and Jan shifted to counselling others through life's challenges. After 15 years working with troubled youth of North Carolina as Director of Pitt Regional Juvenile Services in Greenville, NC. Jan now works with a faith based facility associated with Wake Forest Baptist Health. Jan and Katherine have two children, Nathan and Shannon.
Director/Professioanl Counselor


Something we can all be grateful for:  Jan and his family have just come through a near thing as Jan underwent aggressive treatment for prostate cancer last fall.  He is on board the reunion boat and is looking forward to the festivities and reconnecting with old friends.  Jan is one of over 75 of our classmates, their spouses and children that are being treated for, are in remission from or have succumbed to cancer.

 Emily L. Carnes 

CHHS Vanguard
"WATN?" continues its focus on classmates that have comitted to attending the 40th reunion.  Emily is one of the four classmates that matriculated at the NC School of the Arts HS  with her gift for music flourished.  Since graduating from NC State Emily has worked several day jobs while pursuing her first love, the clarinet.  Now she owns and manages a plumbing supply and contracting business in Arlington, VA where she lives with her husband.  Both are Big Wigs in the Lion's Club.


BA Marketing
NC State University
Class of 1976

Many remember Emily's mom, Rebecca Bingham Carnes, that taught and encouraged so many of us in music.
From Emily's brother, Tim: Mom died on April 16, 2001 the day after Easter Sunday. I sang at her memorial, The Trumpets Shall Sound. I can tell you all that she loved you more than you will ever know. Her grave is out at the Old Damascus Church on Old Damascus Church Road in Chapel Hill.I put flowers on her grave at Christmas, on her birthday (March 10) Valentines Day, Easter and of course on Mothers Day. Thank you all for remembering her so fondly; it puts a smile on my broken heart.

 Charles Dabney Lamb Sr. 

"Where Are They Now?" finds another classmate that has made his mark in the aviation industry.  Charles and his wife Patricia live in Hopewell, VA.  They have raised four children; Charles Jr., Renee, Eliza, Tricia and Caroline.

Delta Airport Consultants

BS Education
NC State University
Class of 1976

Virginia Tech~1981

Charles & Patricia
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