Let's Talk!

CHHA-NCR Branch has launched a new initiative to deliver the "Let's Talk" speechreading (also known as lip-reading) and communication strategies course to people living with hearing loss in Ottawa with great success. 

It's not enough for a person to say "I have a hearing loss" when they find it difficult to interact with a business representative, co-worker, friend or family member; often, the other person will be unsure of how to help and may employ a method of communication that although well intentioned, may not help the person disclosing their hearing loss. Its important for all people who live with a hearing loss to know what they need in order to communicate better, and ask for it.

The "Let's Talk" course offers participants a safe, inclusive environment to explore what situations are most challenging for them, and the opportunity to try out various strategies and assistive devices that could better help them to overcome these difficult listening situations. When equipped with this newfound knowledge, our participants go out into the community knowing what they need and are able to make more specific requests to help them communicate with greater success.

During the "Let's Talk" course, family members are welcome to attend so that they can also take home the skills practiced, and develop an appreciation for the daily struggles experienced by the person with hearing loss.  Often, it’s not only the participants that benefit from this course, but their families, friends and colleagues as well because these skills can used in everyday interactions.

Teacher in action!
Teacher Alena explaining [...].
Sponsor of the Let's Talk! courses.

Target Participants: 

Adults of all ages living with hearing loss that use spoken/written language as their primary form of communication.

  • Get a set of communication skills that will help promote community integration;
  • Increase the frequency of self-disclosure and self-advocacy during communication breakdowns;
  • Enhance the quality of family interaction; and,
  • Develop your knowledge base so you are well-informed consumers. 


This course is offered free of charge to members of the CHHA-NCR Branch.

For non-members a one-time fee of $50.00 is charged, and a complimentary membership to CHHA National and the CHHA-NCR Branch is provided (a $30.00 value).

Tentative Date and Location:

Thursday evening, April 2nd until May 21st 2020 at Ogilvie Towers (1396
Ogilvie Road, Ottawa).

Interested in taking the course?

Sign up on the waiting list today by emailing Alena Wickware-Guay at alena.c.w@hotmail.com.