Chhagan Lal, PhD

Researcher at the Faculty of EEMCS, Department of Intelligent Systems, Cybersecurity Group

TU Delft, Netherlands

Email: chhagan.iiita@gmail.com, c.lal@tudelft.nl

Address: Office - 6.E.120

Van Mourik Broekmanweg 6,

2628 XE Delft, The Netherlands

Currently, I am a Senior Researcher in CyberSecurity at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, Department of Intelligent Systems, Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), Netherlands. Earlier, I was a Research Fellow at Simula Research Labs, Oslo, Norway. Before joining Simula, I was a PostDoc in the Department of Mathematics, University of Padova (UNIPD), Italy (https://spritz.math.unipd.it/team.html). In UNIPD, I am an active member of the Security and PRIvacy Through Zeal (SPRITZ) research group, which is led by Prof. Mauro Conti.

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Research Interests

I am interested in all the aspects of systems and network security, privacy protection, and traffic engineering in wireless networks. Currently, I mainly focus on: (i) Design and analysis of Blockchain-based solutions for Healthcare and Digital Forensics domains, and (ii) identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities that lead to various security threats in current as well as next-generation wireless networks. Particularly I am interested in the followings:

  • Network (e.g., IoT, SDN, VANETs, and ICN) Security and Machine Learning

  • Blockchain Technologies and Smart contracts

Previous Projects:

In past, I was actively involved (technical and administrative activities) in the following EU projects:

  • European Commission, H2020-SU-SEC-2018, LOCARD - Lawful evidence collecting and continuity platform development (H2020 2019-2022).

  • European Commission, H2020-ICT30-2015 (Internet of Things and Platforms for Connected Smart Objects), TagItSmart! - Smart Tags driven service platform for enabling ecosystems of connected objects, 2016-2019.

  • European Commission, EU-India Research and Innovation Partnership, REACH - Rural broadband internEt Access using Cooperative mesh networking in witHe spectrum, 2016-2019.

Professional Activities

Journal Reviewer: Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing (IEEE), Transactions on Industrial Informatics (IEEE), Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing (IEEE), Transactions on Network and Service Management (IEEE), Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing (IEEE), Computer Communications (Elsevier), Computer Networks (Elsevier), Wireless Networks (Springer), Pervasive and Mobile Computing (Elsevier), Computers and Electrical Engineering (Elsevier), and many more.

Program Chair: ACM WiSec 2017 (Poster/Demo Chair)

Publicity Chair: ACNS 2020, AIoTS 2020, AIBlock 2020, IoT-SECFOR 2020, IoT-SECFOR 2019, ACM WiSec 2017, SEMS 2017, SIN' 17, scsp-w 2016, ICISS-2016

Program Committee Member: BLOCKCHAIN'21, IoT-SECFOR 2021, AIoTS 2020, AIBlock 2020, IoT-SECFOR 2020, IoT-SECFOR 2020, IoT-SECFOR 2018, ICCST 2017, IEEE CNS - SPA 2017, SEMS 2017, SSIC-2017, APS-CPS-17, ICCST-2017, SecCPS 2017