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Biographic sketch
Ph.D 2004-2010, University of California, Santa Barbara, 
Advisor: Prof. Leon Balents

B.S. 2000-2004, University of Science and Technology of China,
with university's highest honor  




  • Quantum materials, quantum magnetism

  • Exotic quantum matters, e.g. quantum spin liquids

  • Non-Fermi liquids

  • Many-body problem in ultracold atoms

Annual review of condensed matter physics

Strong correlation physics with strong spin-orbit coupling 


Correlated Quantum Phenomena in the Strong Spin-Orbit Regime

Annual Review of Condensed Matter Physics

Vol. 5: 57-82 (Volume publication date March 2014)

Recent activities 

* Non Fermi liquids

* Spin-orbit coupled quantum spin liquid

* Cluster Mott insulators

* Fractional Charge Liquid

* Symmetry enriched Quantum spin ice