Welcome  to Baker Company of the 505th .  . .

We are recognized unit of the California Historical Group, the largest World War II organization on the West Coast, and the only on the West Coast to stage full on armor and infantry reenactment involving tanks, halftrack, trucks,  jeeps, motorcycle etc. The 82nd Airborne Unit is a World War II Living History group, which is a non-profit educational and historical society. We exist for the sole purpose of remembering and paying tribute to the combat soldier of W.W.II. We do this by preserving period artifacts, vehicles and researching their use, origins.

Our unit attends events consisting of member staged battle reenactments and public displays, in effort to better educate the general public as well as ourselves on the daily rigors of the common soldier in W.W.II.
Membership is open to anyone with a strong interest in W.W.II history;  If you're a student of World War II with an interest in military history, tactics, events, vehicles, weaponry, people, and the era in general; make contact with one of our member units, and make plans to come out to an event, and experience a glimpse of World War II History first hand. You can do this by clicking Join, you can also jump on our Message Board, and fire off a quick question you may have as well.