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Class handout for inkle loom weaving

The pdf is the handout for the intro to inkle loom weaving class.
It is essentially an hands on class.
The second page shows how I design the patterns for inkle loom. The thing you need to remember is that with basic inkle loom you establish your pattern my repeats of 2 lines, the ones with heddles, and the ones without. It's from a version of the inkle pattern.xlsx
The right side, more compressed shows what is closest to what your trim will look like. On the left of it,is a more stretched version to see easier what colors go where, and on the left is the text version, which is actually the one I used when loading the inkle loom,
Mathilde Poussin,
16 juil. 2012 à 08:18
Mathilde Poussin,
16 juil. 2012 à 08:08