Yuchi Che,
PhD Candidate

University of Southern California


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I am currently a Ph.D. Candidate at Nanolab (University of Southern California). I received the B.S. degree in Microelectronics from Peking University in 2009. Afterwards, I joined the department of Electrical Engineering in University of Southern California as a research assistant in Nanolab leaded by Professor Chongwu Zhou

My research has focused on nanotechnology and nanoelectronics. including:

• Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials: 
 Selective growth of predominantly semiconducting carbon nanotube chemical vapor synthesis 

• Digital electronics of carbon nanotube transistors
 Hysteresis free short-channel carbon nanotube array transistors and logic circuit characterization

• Radio frequency electronics of high performance nanomaterial devices:
  Fabrication and characterization of carbon nanotube/graphene radio frequency transistors and circuits
   Hybrid circuit integration of carbon nanotube/graphene RF transistor with CMOS technology

Professional Skills

  •  Cleanroom fabrication: E-beam lithography, Photolithography (Deep UV aligner, stepper, contact aligner), Thin-film Deposition (E-beam evaporator, thermal evaporation, sputter, atomic layer deposition), Chemical Vapor deposition (CVD), Plasma-enhanced Chemical Vapor deposition (PECVD), Dry/Wet etching, Oxidation.
  •  Proficient with and measuring instrument, professional software, and scientific languages:

Semiconductor Device Testing: CV measurement with Keithley Model 82-WIN, and MOSFET measurement with Agilent4156B and HP 4145B semiconductor parameter analyzer.

Radio Frequency Device testing: Vector Network Analyzer, Spectrum analyzer, Oscilloscope, Signal generator.

IC Design Languages: SPICE, Verilog, VHDL

IC Design Tools: L-edit, Cadence, Sentaurus ISE, Pspice, Hspice, Spectre, ModelSim DC

Selected computer skills: C/C++, Origin, Matlab, etc.