Famous Penguin Bot Tracker: Blue Gails

 Is currently online. but where? CHANGES SERVERS SOMETIMES!

Visit http://mohd222.wordpress.com for MORE INFO! 

Do you want to meet the amazing bot; Blue Gails? Well now you can. And you can help others to. Firstly, I would like you to add the Famous Bot Tracker to your site. Its constantly updated and Blue Gails is on 24/7 - so this tracker is constantly updated. So add this code. 

<a href="http://chewypup.googlepages.com/trackbots"><img src="http://chewypup.googlepages.com/bluebot.PNG"></a>

For more information on how to make the bot work visit: http://mohd222.wordpress.com. Our site has a tutorial on how to get items from "Blue Gails" how to make him follow you and more. TO MAKE HIM COPY YOU, YOU MUST SAY FOLLOW. To make him stop, say FOLLOW STOP or STOP FOLLOW. For more codes t make him play mini games, dance, sit, and more, visit http://mohd222.wordpress.com. WE ALSO HAVE THE CODE TO RECIEVE THE CPIP HAT & BETA TESTER HAT! BOTH OF THEM! BUT ITS HARD TO GET AND YOU WILL NEED TO FOLLOW OUR GUIDE CLOSELY.

Copyright 2008 - 2009; Blue Gails Bot Tracker. Full permission to post on your site granted by me.