H20 Friend and Foe

H2O -- Friend and Foe
It’s All about the Water

A workshop for you, presented by the Town of Cheverly and Cheverly Green Infrastructure Committee

Saturday, November 9, 2019

10 AM – 1:30 PM

Cheverly Community Center

6401 Forest Road


A workshop for everyone about water – where does it come from, what does it do for us, how should we deal with water woes?

  • The basics of hydrology, soils, and vegetation
  • The division of responsibility for water issues
  • Homeowners’ options for improvement, including those qualifying for county rebates

Activities will include:

  • Talks by Public Works Director, consulting engineer, and the Chesapeake Bay Trust.
  • Practitioners’ roundtable, for one-on-one consultation, since no one solution will fit all circumstances.
  • On-site application for county rebates.


Plus – Rain Barrels! Rain Barrels! Rain Barrels! Reserve your Rain Barrels here.

Remember the Great Cheverly Rain Barrel Event of 2016? Well, we’re doing it again! The town has purchased rain barrels. You will pay $57 per barrel at the workshop. The county will give you a rebate for the whole amount, plus. Your final cost will be a whopping $0. What is the plus? The rebate may include extras needed for installing the barrels, such as cinder blocks. The total rebate is up to $100 per barrel. You must have receipts for all your expenses. And remember to take before and after photos. 

Best of all, the Chesapeake Bay Trust will help you apply for your rebate right at the workshop.

Enjoy one-stop shopping at the workshop

  • Buy your rain barrel
    • Reserve your rain barrel online.
    • Pay at the event. Cash or checks accepted. Make check out to "Town of Cheverly"
  • Learn about rain barrel installation and maintenance
    • We will have the installation video running on a loop, information on tools and supplies you will need, and advice from experienced installers
    • The rain barrel comes with needed accessories. In addition, you will need some basic tools and supplies.
      • Solid surface base for the rain barrel, such as cinder blocks, pavers, or gravel
      • Level
      • Power drill
      • Phillips head screwdriver
      • Measuring tape or ruler
      • Work knife
      • Safety glasses
      • Safety gloves
      • Pencil
  • Apply for your rebate on site
    • Head to the Chesapeake Bay Trust Station to apply, and to get advice and help.

Get more information from the Earthmark web site

More information on rebates and rain barrel use

The fine print

  • Rain barrels and compost bins may be sold only to Cheverly residents
  • Rain barrel rebates are available only to property owners

Summary of the rebate process

  • Purchase your rain barrel
  • Apply for the rebate
  • Install your rain barrel
  • DoE inspects your installation
  • Get your rebate