Cheverly Green Infrastructure Plan

Cheverly Green Infrastructure Plan Steering Committee

(all who have served at any time over the period from May 2008 to September 2011)

Jeremy Coon, Co-Chair; Chair, Cheverly Planning Board
           Chair, Land Use and Built Environment Working Group

R.J. Eldridge, Co-Chair; Cheverly Town Council

Chair, Map Working Group

Joe Fontana, Owner, MOSAIC Printing Company
           Chair, Finance Working Group

Michael Giese, Cheverly Garden Club

Melanie Hartwig-Davis, Cheverly Parents Resource Center

Stephen Johnson, Fourth Ward Civic Association

David Kneipp, Cheverly Garden Club

Nathan McElroy, Cheverly Tree Commission
           Chair, Tree Canopy Working Group

Norman Oslik, Progressive Cheverly

Leila Price, 4th Ward Civic Association

Cynthia Robinson, Progressive Cheverly
           Chair, Education & Outreach Working Group

Matt T. Salo, Friends of Lower Beaver Dam Creek
           Chair, Science Advisory Committee

Sheila Salo, Cheverly History Club     
Researcher, website manager

Dan Smith, Friends of Lower Beaverdam Creek
           Chair, Stormwater Management Working Group

Facilitator: Wink Hastings, Project Manager, Chesapeake Bay Program, National Park Service

Science Advisory Committee

Marian Dombroski

Delvin S. Fanning

Marc Imlay

Arnet W. (Skee) Jones

Charisa Morris

Randy Pheobus     

Matt T. Salo

Warren Steiner   

Jil Swearingen

Land Use Working Group

Jeremy Coon

Hugh Guest

Melanie Hartwig-Davis

Sheila Salo

Education and Outreach Working Group

Nicole Baron Callahan

Cynthia Robinson

Sheila Salo

Teresa Williams