Streaming Cheverly

Cheverly’s Streams

A photo contest for Cheverly Day 2017

Cheverly Day 2017 Photo Contest Winners

For the third year, the Cheverly Green Infrastructure Committee sponsored a Cheverly Day photo contest. The contest for 2017 focused on Cheverly’s streams, springs, and wetlands -- and all that live in, on, or near them. Dave Kneipp organized the contest.

The winners in the adult category are: First place, Matt T. Salo, “Wetland and Streamside Life,” black swallowtail butterfly and swamp milkweed, photographed at Lower Beaverdam Creek; second place, Pam Page, “A Small Cheverly Stream,” taken at the Arbor Street/Parkway entrance to Woodworth Park; third place, Daniel Daughtry-Weiss, “Ice on flowers on a flowering tree in our yard after a snow shower, Winter 2017.” In the youth category, first, second, and third places were taken by Liam Heneghan, for photos taken at Tributary 3, titled “Yellow Chain,” “Green Stream,” and “Orange Oil,” respectively. Matt T. Salo’s “Wetland and Streamside Life” also won Best in Show. All first place winners received Ledo's Pizza gift certificates. Thanks to all who entered the contest and to the judges, Theresa Castracane and Joseph Pruden.

We hope all the photographers enjoyed exploring Cheverly’s streams.

All entries were exhibited in the Community Center during Cheverly Day.

Cheverly's Streams -- 2017 Photo Contest Slide Show

Cheverly's Streams -- 2017 Photo Contest