Cheverly Green Infrastructure Plan
The Cheverly Green Guide

Town Park Green Trail

The Town of Cheverly has chosen ways to help our environment.
A short tour of Cheverly's Town Park will show how you can, too.

Keep rainwater on site

  •    Prevent pollution
  •     Save money
  •     Rain gardens
  •     Rain barrels   
  •     Reduce runoff with permeable paving
The Town of Cheverly has installed two 1000-gallon cisterns to collect rainwater from the Community Center roof. The rainwater is used to water municipal plantings.

Light the ground – not the sky

  •       Direct lights downward
  •       Reduce light pollution
  •      Save energy and money
  •       Wildlife and humans need naturally dark nights 

Make room for wildlife


  • Shelter
  • Food
  • Water
Bats help control mosquitoes. The bat houses in Town Park are an Eagle Scout project.

Plant trees on your property

  •     Keep pollutants out of soil and water
  •     Raise property values
  •     Filter rainwater
  •     Prevent erosion
  •     Reduce air conditioning costs

Native plants and trees in Town Park are a project of the Tree Commission, Cub Scouts, and Friends of Lower Beaverdam Creek.

Leaf mulch and compost: Gardener’s gold

  •       Recycle leaves and household waste
  •       Feed the soil
  •       Reduce water use
  •       Keep weeds away 
  •       Composting reduces landfill trash
The Town of Cheverly collects our autumn leaves and returns them as mulch in the spring.

Clear the air

  • No idling
  • Try bicycling, public transport, car pools
  • Bundle errands

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle: Used oil

  •       Our storm drains empty directly into Cheverly’s streams
  •       Never pour oil into our storm drains
  •      Keep pollutants out of our streams 
The Town of Cheverly provides a tank for residents' used motor oil .

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle: Paper, plastic, glass, electronics

  •       Recycle paper, plastic, glass, electronic devices
  •      Save trees that help our soil, water, and air
  •       Reduce trash in landfills
  •      Reduce pollutants leaching into soil and water
  •       Buy recycled paper goods
  •      Paper or plastic? Neither. Choose reusable shopping bags

The Town of Cheverly provides curbside recycling of plastic, glass, paper, and electronic devices.

Harness the wind and sun

  •       Explore energy options
  •       A Cheverly solar co-op?

The wind turbine uses the wind energy produced by route 50 traffic to help generate electricity for the Public Works building.

Landscape with nature

  •     Choose native plants
  •     Remove invasive plants
  •     Support native wildlife: birds, butterflies, and more

Take a hike

  • Learn about our watershed
  • Learn about native and invasive plants
  • Relax, enjoy
  • Be inspired

The Woodworth Park trail was created by Friends of Lower Beaverdam Creek.