•             Control stormwater runoff: install rain barrels, rain garden
  •          Provide food, water, and shelter for wildlife
  •          Reduce or eliminate use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers
  •          Compost yard clippings, leaves, and vegetable scraps
  •          Use native plants and trees
  •          Convert your lawn to a conservation landscape
  •          Protect your neighboring stream or seep

Maybe this is your yard already. Maybe you need just a little encouragement.

Using the University of Maryland Extension’s Bay-Wise Maryland Yardstick you can get credit for your environmentally-friendly landscape practices, even a cool sign for your yard.

The Cheverly Green Infrastructure Committee and Maryland Master Gardeners are helping promote the Bay-Wise program right here in Cheverly.

Below is the Bay-Wise Yardstick. Click on the LED lightbulbs to find more information and ideas for your yard.

You can also pick up yardstick brochures and information at the Maryland Master Gardeners table or the Friends of Lower Beaverdam Creek / Cheverly Green Infrastructure Committee table at the Cheverly Community Markets.

Here's how to certify your yard.

  1. Download the MD Yardstick along with an application,
  2. Complete the MD Yardstick,
  3. Contact the Master Gardener program in your county to sign up for a site visit for certification. Do not submit your completed Yardstick and application before you contact your local Master Gardener program.

More information.  A how-to video.

And here are links and reading suggestions -- even more information and ideas for your yard.

Let us know if you are working on getting your yard certified, or ask for more information, using this short form.

Let’s make Cheverly a Bay-Wise community. How many of our Cheverly yards can we certify?  

Be wise, be Bay-Wise!

Beyond Bay-Wise -- Go the Extra Yard

The Cheverly Green Infrastructure Committee is creating a Cheverly-based program to give you extra credit. Watch for more information right here.