2012 Annual Report

2012 Annual Report of the Cheverly Green Infrastructure Committee

September 11, 2012

On September 8, 2011, the town adopted the recommendations of the Cheverly Green Infrastructure Plan as a framework to inform investment and activities of the town. On October 13, 2011 The Town Council established the Green Infrastructure Committee to oversee implementation of the Cheverly Green Infrastructure Plan.


Continues, in principle, the structure of committee that created the plan: Representatives from community organizations and town government.  In addition, Cheverly Town Council Members were asked to appoint committee members. All interested in any aspect of environmental issues within Cheverly and the region are welcome.

Current active membership includes members of Friends of Lower Beaverdam Creek,  Garden Club, and Progressive Cheverly Environmental Committee, Mayor. Some members wear several hats.

Current active subcommittees:

  • Science Advisory Committee
  • Sustainable Maryland Certified
  • Cheverly Green Guide

There is room for subcommittees and individual initiatives that fall within the purview of the Cheverly Green Plan. All are welcome to join a subcommittee or undertake an initiative.

The Cheverly Green Infrastructure Committee meets the first Monday of every month at 7:30 PM, Cheverly Community Center, 6401 Forest Rd., Cheverly MD 20785.

Recommendations table as a guide for community groups

The recommendations table published in the Cheverly Green Plan points toward short and long-term projects, and toward projects to be undertaken by the town government, the Green Infrastructure Committee, individual residents and businesses, and by community groups. Community groups are invited to take on projects within the overarching Green Plan.


Each year the Green Infrastructure Committee will select a group of recommendations for implementation. The projects under way or completed for 2012:

Plan initiatives

Proposals for the town budget

Four project proposals were submitted to the town for its Capital Improvements Projects budget process.

  • Invasive plant removal
  • Green Street at State Street / 64th Avenue with rain gardens at Boyd Park
  • Town Park renovation/restoration
  • Town facility energy  audit

All were shelved due to lack of funds. However, the Town Park restoration project was taken up by the Neighborhood Design Center, which is preparing a design for September.

Committee projects

  • Stormwater flow measurement project (Dave Rapp and team)
  • Forest glade restoration (Science Advisory Committee)
  • Cheverly plant and wildlife inventory (Science Advisory Committee)
  • Representation on the Baltimore-Washington Partners for Forest Stewardship
  • Plant rescue project approval by Maryland Department of Agriculture (Science Advisory Committee)

Educational/outreach activities. In the absence of funding for larger projects, the emphasis is on lower-key educational and outreach activities.

  • Big Tree contest
  • BioBlitz, a project of the Science Advisory Committee
  • Year of the Oak. Proclamation by the town, activities at the Community Market
  • Chesapeake Natives plant sale at market (Matt)
  • Great Backyard Bird Count (Matt)
  • The Green Plan web site (www.greencheverly.org) provides information on committee activities, sources for learning about the environment, and practical pointers for your own property

Consultation activities

From time to time the Mayor or members of the Town Council request advice and assistance.

  • CSX/MTA double-tracking project
  • Monroe Gardens development
  • 1811 Cabin Branch Drive development
  • Trent Street land restoration/beautification design
  • Tributary 4 subtributary clean-up