Chestnuts Invade Stuttgart as the Viking Pirates

Date: 18/01/08 to 20/01/08

Michael - Heimdall
Pete - Odin
Neil - Ullr
Joe - Thor
Simon - Vali
Paul - Loki
Anke - Freyja
Nat - Idun
Jane - Boadicea

Well Chestnuts went aboard again. We went to Stuttgart University and took part in their mixed indoor tournament. Just like last year, on the Friday night we succumb to the compulsory delights, and perils, of drinking red wine and Coke. Those more experienced in this concoction drunk warily, which explains why not everyone got their shirt muddy or took part in the glass shattering and beer splattering celebrations as we partied with our hosts.

Saturday morning we didn't really look great and ready of action. To add to our distress, Joe discovered he didn't have a stick to play with and Jane was oddly looking for her shoes. Still, the team assembled ready for the first game and everyone played with drunken good humour. Well the drunken bit might be true, but we know how Chestnuts like to communicate amongst themselves on the pitch (eg "Why don't you pass the ball, you ****!). Anyway the day passed on, and after some tough and quick lesson learning games we managed to end up the top of our group. Some of us even managed to sober up. Though at the end of the day we weren't really sure what state Joe was in. Someone likened it to the swimming eyes of a puppy dog in love. Saturday night was great. We fed on pizza (or in some cases jaffa cakes) and drunk... well everything. Paul was in his element and helped to keep the bar busy. After which he gave the hosts a free exhibition of his own version of new wave dancing. Anke found it all too much collapsed in a chair (Can't wait to see that photo). The Puppet decided that was enough entrainment for the night and kept his strings to himself. However, after several inhibition reducing beverages Simon later gave a select few a version of his Chippendales routine. Jane is still experiencing the shock and his seeking compensation.

Sunday started too early and we had to be gently coerced out of bed (Ouch!). There was gentle groaning but without the normal satisfaction you would expect to experience with such a cacophony resulting in mixed sexes sleeping in one room. Well, of course Mike would disagree. Anyway, Neil manage to pack up his plastic blow-up sleeping partner, Simon managed to find his underpants and we eventually headed for the sports hall for breakfast. Thankfully our games were late on, so we more or less recovered our composure, though for some, not our reputation. The quarter final was against tough competition who played brilliantly and came so close to breaching our defence. Thankfully, Nat continued to show why she his such a great goalkeeper, and kept the ball out the goal with multiple gymnastic moves. With such an inspiration, the rest of us lifted our game and managed to sneak 2 goals in. Soon after that we found ourselves in the Final, where we found ourselves pitched against the team we hadn't managed to beat on the Saturday. Oddly we found our form, and some were eager to impress certain members in the crowd. Consequently in this game, Joe scored some impressive goals and gave us some breathing space over the competition.

So the competition ended and we found ourselves on the top of the podium (Much to Nat's delight) with a treasure chest of gold (chocolate) and something to quench our thirst. After that the race was on the catch our flight back home. However thanks to Germany's efficient public transport system we managed to sneak in swift drink on the way. The only delay we got, was back in England were we found ourselves in a 20 minute queue just for someone to see our passports. Back to reality with a bang.

Anyway, our thanks go out to Stuttgart University for arranging the event. Just like last year, we had a great time and very much enjoyed the company of the teams we met.