Adie wants to run the indoor again on a Monday night at Mackworth. The cost, as explained, is £2.50 per game each based on a 7 man team. So in real terms thats £2.50/game * 2 games/night * 7 men = £35 each night we play. The teams that have entered are Derby Asterdale (x2) Derwent (x2), Chestnuts, North Notts, Barton and Belper.


Payments due:
£50 deposit ASAP
£75 07 July 2008
£75 04 August 2008
£62.50 15 September 2008

Total =£262.50

Results of the Poll

Yes Group

Pete - As always
Joe - Count me in.
Luke - Yes, if not running the Belper youth team
Jake - yeh id love 2 play pete.was a gud laugh last if im wanted then ill happily play
Stu - Yes, Interested if selected
Nat - Woohoooooo! I love this league. Please let me play!!
Mike - I guess, if we would get a team together I would be in.
Bonnie - Am up for it if you are that desperate as ive not been her to train indoor.
NickB - I can't commit to it regularly but would be available occasionally if needed....
RichW - Playing for Derwent? Otherwise would be able to commit to playing every week, but later games
would be better for me to get home from work

No Group

Paul - I'm not interested as I haven't got the time.
MarkG - No can do. Think that it would be too much risk of injuring my wrist again.
Ash - no, i can only make either monday of friday pete!??
SimmonP - Would love to play, but it's a bit far for an evening, so I'm afraid I'll have to decline.

No reply Group

Neil -
Danny -