Henley Regatta Festival, 04-06 July 2008

See here. As per usual, its mixed, 8 a side with a minimum of 2 girls on the pitch. It costs £300 per team, so the max cost would be 300/8= £37.50 each.

Results of the Poll

Yes Group

Nat - Can great there Sat morning
MacLeods - Some, but not the dogs. Starsky and Jeff didn't have a very nice time last year. Nasty footballers.
Alison - a definite!!!!!
Fay and Emi - Because they had sure a good time last year (Anyone know what happened?)

No Group

Mike, Anke - With Kai
Paul, Liz - at a wedding
Linda & Steph - Vets training
Nick -
Jackie - Sorry British GP that weekend. Would have liked to go as it's always been good fun
Jane - Can't make that weekend - sorry!
Rachael - Can't afford it
Z - No can do I'm afraid

No reply Group

Jessica and Georgina