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This is the homepage for Chestnuts Hockey Club. We are a small (ie we have one team) mixed hockey club. We are based in Derby / Nottingham (England))

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  • 30/11/07 Lindsey has a baby girl "Amy Jane Horsley" (7lb 9oz, born 10:41pm). Will she get a Scaletrix for Christmas? Apparently both parents are ok, but could do with more sleep.
  • 01/12/07 Curry night at "The Shalimar" on Midland Road (near train station) A table has been book for 20 people at 7pm.
  • 06/01/08 Mixed game against Misfits, at West Bridgeford Sch, 11.00am start. Probably everyones first game after Christmas. Can someone take some scales for a group weighing? We can then give out a prize for the one who is heaviest (A tin of biscuits?).
  • 18/01/08 Stuttgart mixed indoor hockey tournament - This time we we are going as Vikings and hope to out-drink the competition again. I just hope they don't force us to go to bed early at 4.00am again. To see what happen, see this report.
  • 02/03/08 - Mark and Wendy celebrated their new offspring. Daniel Peter was born 7.10pm, weighing 7lb 14oz. Well thats two new recruits this year, but who will have the next baby to ensure Chestnuts continues into the future?
  • 16/02/08 - 29/02/08 During these dates the RR leisure pavilion social club will be closed for refurbishment. The sports hall is still open though, so indoor is still on. There was some talk about what to do after indoor and somebody mentioned bowling. Any other ideas?
  • 05/04/08 - 06/04/08 Caythorpe Mens (Sat) and Mixed (Sun) 7-a-side Tournaments. We have enough for the Mixed side and are hoping to get enough to raise a Mens team. (Update, due to dropouts, we still need one bloke for the mens on Sat) 10am meet both days.. See here for a map. Postcode is: NG14 7EB. Update: In the mens competition we got knocked out in the semis, despite the attempts of our manly goalkeeper (alias Deep throat). We did better in the mixed. We managed to win it after a hard fought final against South Notts.
  • 19-20/04/08 Kirsty captained the Derbyshire U17 Schoolgirls hockey team to success at the National Hockey Finals in Guildford. They managed 4 straight wins over the weekend. We didn't know St Trinians was in Derbyshire.
  • 04/05/08 - Men's 7's RR Tournament (ah ah, we get to mess up the pitch for the women's event - that must mean a man planned it!) Update - They couldn't get enough teams so sadly its canceled.
  • 05/05/08 - Women's 7's RR Tournament
  • 10/05/08 Boots Mens 7's Tournament. Team is Pete, Neil, Stu (GK), Joe, Jake, Ash, Martin, Luke and Danny (if he's fit). Games start at 10.30 am so get there for 10.00 am. See here for directions or a map. And here are the details: Rules, Fixtures. Update: Well what a scorcher this tournament was. We had to play in blistering heat . Sadly the temperature must has got the better of us because we didn't do very well - enough said!.
  • 11/05/08 Boots Mixed 7's Tournament. Team is Pete, Jake, Stu, Luke, Martin, Nat (GK), Z, Kirsty, Sueann and Taran. See above for directions. Update: It was still hot but we managed to come second.
  • 17/05/08 Social night out: Barbecue at Mike's (starts 8pm) and then a walk into Derby?
  • 21/05/08 ManU v Chelsea game. So AGM has been moved to Wed 4th of June!
  • 22-25/05/08 Paris mixed. Update - We couldn't get enough girls so we've dropped out. As an alternative Liz suggests going biking in the Lakes. Some details are here.
  • 04/06/08 AGM. It starts 8.00pm at the RR Pavilion. Make sure you are there otherwise you will be volunteered and probably elected for some job you may not want.
  • 06/06/08 Players 7s Friday night league starts. See fixtures and rules. First game is 7:00 pm v Pirates and then 8.30pm v Raleigh. So far (those that said yes at Boots) squad is: Pete, Joe, Luke, Jake, Stu, Nat, Kirsty and Liz. Any others keen to play?
  • 07/06/08 Sikh Union (Nottm)/Players 6s Tournament. We couldn't raise a mens side, but I think some of the girls are playing. So if you like to watch girls, its at Highfields.
  • 14/06/08 Newark Mixed Tournament. Team is Stuart, Neil, Martin, Joe, Pete, Mike, Jane, Kirsty, Zulie, Nat and Taran. Here is last years report.
  • 23/06/08 Indoor at Mackworth. See here for the results of the poll. And we have the fixtures.
  • 28/06/08 - 29/06/08 Highfields 6s. Team is: Pete, Paul, Dusty, Mike, Kai, Neil, Simon, Jake, Stu, and Joe. Stu said he would go in goal (and so did Nat - With two GKs we couldn't loose. Can Nat fit inside Stu's shirt? What an image! Seeing Nat's head pop out of Stu's chest just like Kuato in Total Recall)
  • 04-06/07/08 Henley Regatta Festival. Anyone want to go again? As per usual, its mixed, 8 aside with a minimum of 2 girls on the pitch. It costs £300 per team, so the max cost would be 300/8= £37.50 each. See here for the results of the poll.
  • 12/07/08 Ramgarhia Hockey Club Mens 6s at Moorways Sports Centre. Anyone want to go again? See here for the results of the poll. Okay, we are attending and we have the rules and fixtures. It a 10am meet and the first game is at 10.30.
  • 19-20/07/08 Snowdonia. Yes there is another trip, even though we nearly all died last time. So if you fancy some excitement (eg drowning in your tent, suffering exposure, extracting scared people glued to rock, feeling the wind in your hair and experiencing  the prospect of hang-gliding without a glider) then sign up and get committed. For details see here.
  • 22-25/08/08 Glentress. A weekend of mountain biking with the possibility of seeing Liz and Paul celebrate their first wedding anniversary (Could make a good video?). For details see here.


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