The Chesterfield Jam Night 

 Downtown Historic Fourth Street. Jam Every Wednesday night!

Every Wednesday night the Chesterfield (conveniently located on Historic Fourth in Sioux City, IA) lets random musicians get up in front of an unsuspecting public and show their chops. Sometimes entire bands get up to jam, other times individual musicians hop on stage to shake their groove thing. It's always interesting.

The way it works is thusly: Stealing Mercury shows up and play a few songs to kick the night off. If you wanna play, just let them know. You can bring your own guitar if you want, but there are always guitars and amps and drums and monitors and microphones there. It's just that simple...

What follows are photos. I'm just gonna put one picture from each jam night here, but if you click on the link next to the photo you'll be taken to a magical place where you can see a nifty slide show of all the pictures taken that night. Cool, huh? (Please note: you need to click on the link in the text. If you click on the photo, you'll just see a larger version of the photo. I'd fix that if I knew how...) 

July 25, 2007 
New pictures are up...check them out here!  A very special thanks to Russ Howard for taking my spot this week and showing people what a real guitar player sounds like with SM!
As some of you know, Ed Huff, of Wavelength, lost his 9 year old daughter Eleanor Grace Huff, on May 19th of this year in a tragic accident. The Chesterfield is hosting a benefit for the family this THURSDAY, MAY 26.
Band lineup goes something like this!
Nearly Normal Jimmy and Friends 6-6:45
The Vinyl Kings 6:45- 7:30
Rebekka and Jerry 7:30-8:15
The New Hope Praise Band 8:15- 9:00
Wavelength 9 -10
Westside Mikey and the Gonegetters 10-11
Stealing Mercury 11-12
Open Jam at the end

Free will donation at the door
Silent Auction
Show starts at 6:00
Food on the patio

Please come out and show your support for Ed and his family.



July 18, 2007 
Busy night at The Chesterfield last night...everything from acoustic guitar players to free form jamming. 
Had Rich, Blake, & Rob playing some acoustic guitar for us...Roger & The Rockers debuted their new drummer, Tim...Bolin, Bartle, Josh & Curt played the blues for us...Dave Hare sang us some originals and of course some Tommy...Seth Anderson played some Hendrix...and Mike, Stevee Cee, Brandon, & Bob took us on a couple space jams.  Check out the pictures here and we'll see ya next week!!





July 11, 2007 
Last night was a great night!   A ton of and old!  Let's get down to it...
The one and only Tim on drums & clown suit this time, though..what?
New comer Eli Harden came up and played us some 80's metal...speaking of 80's metal, I think El! Roberto!, Josh Ronfeldt, and Stevee Cee hit us with some of that too!  Got to see Amber Anderson belt out some originals again...awesome!  She also brought her brother Seth who got up and did a medley of things and more things!!  John Bolin, Roger Rothwell, Dave Hare, and Craig Adams came in and warmed up for this year's Tommy Bolin Fest...conviently located at The Chesterfield on Aug. 11!  Last but not least was Jermiah Edner...that guy kicks my ass everytime I play with him...highlight of the evening for me was doing an imprompto jam on the Allman Brother's classic "One Way Out" with him, Craig Adams, Corey P. & Emily J! are up and check them out here!! 


July 4, 2007
Things got off to a bit of a slow start this week...but it turned around and picked up after all the fireworks were done!  John Bartle & John Bolin both made an appearance and raised the bar for all of us.  Ryan Baker
& Jason Hopkins from the band Small Change stopped in and jammed...maybe they'll bring their whole band next time?!  Either was fun playin some tunes with those guys...even if I did have to drum!  Well enough of my rambling for what you came here to do...


Check out the pictures!!!!




June 27, 2007
Well, last night was the first in a series of jams hosted by us, and it went pretty well! There were at least 8 or 9 drummers that we knew of, 4 singers, 2 keyboardists, 2 acoustic guitarists, but only 1 other bass player and 1 other guitarist!... Me and Mitch had to fill in quite a bit- we don't mind, but we don't want to appear that we are just hogging the stage for the night! We're extending a new invitation to come out and play with us, remember, we're only there to fill in when there is missing instrumentation.... the equipment is all there, just let us know that you're there to jam and we'll pair you up with
somebody- last night, the big jam of the night happened when we threw together Dorsenia James, Ed Winfrey, Ed Huff, Mitch Martin, Scott Gaul, and Brent Withoeft on keys...... as Jerry K might be heard to say, "it was pure magic, man--oops, did I spill my drink on you?"

Where was I? Oh yeah, bring your guitar, your bass, or bring your entire band, and try out your material in front of a good drinkin' crowd!

Check this week's photos here!

 April 4, 2007
Man oh man... An interesting night all around.The first thing I noticed is that everyone shaved their moustaches off now that the contest is over. Pity. There were some good "individual expressions of masculine intent" happening there for a while. 

The Jam was good! Lots of  good musicians, as usual. The Clams started things off, complete with Miss Amy on keys, followed by lots of classic rock, some soul, a little funky stuff, some good blues... just about everything! It was good. 

It was fun to see some new people there! Geetar players and singers I've never seen before... Good stuff, Maynard!

To see ALL the photos of the night, just CLICK HERE. You'll be taken to a fabulous (or at least vaguely satisfactory) slideshow of the photos. Ain't technology wunnerful?


Note: Hey, sorry about not making it to the last few Jam Sessions. I had a funeral on the 21st, and on the 28th I simply couldn't make it. Apologies! The Weekly Jam is going strong in spite of the lack of photos, and I fully intend to resume the photography next week.


March 14, 2007

Geeze, what an odd night.  When I first walked in, the place seemed kinda, well, dead. Not much happening. 

That didn't last long. The musicanship in this town once again surprised the underpants right off of me. 

We (and by we I mean those of us who were there) were hit upside the head with a good dose of classic rock, some nifty country/folk, some grungy stuff... just about everything but opera. The night ended with a healthy shot of high- adreneline funk kind of stuff. Fun to hear, lemme tell ya!

I'm so pooped tonight I'm giving the photos to you straight. No color correction, no artistic cropping, no nothin. These are the photos straight off my camera. I hope you like 'em, 'cause I'm just about as sleep-deprived as a hippie can get and still be somewhat conscious. Sort of. 


Have a good night, and I hope to see you at the next jam!


March 7, 2007

Wow! As in, "Wow!" There were a TON of people at the jam last night.  There were three or four bands there for the first time, lots of new musicians found their way onstage, and the proverbial good time was had by all. We even had musicians travel from way far away in South Dakota to play! Hope they come back - they were good.

We heard classic rock, original metal, country harmonies galore, blues, straight-ahead rock and roll, some acoustic-type stuff... Just about everything under the sun was hit at one point or another. I'm constantly amazed at the high level of musicianship at the jams. Sioux City has a lot of great musicians, and it's a TON of fun to see so much talent gathered together under one roof. Last night was a perfect example of that.

There are about three metric buttloads (that's two and a half standard buttloads) of photos uploaded. All you gotta do to see 'em is CLICK HERE. I know there are a lot of photos to wade through this week, but I'm sure you'll manage.


February 28, 2007

Man, what an icy, cruddy sort of night it was. Fortunately, that was outside, and we were all inside. That made all the difference, really.  Things were pretty comfortable inside... 

Seems like it was the Night of the Space Jam tonight, which (in my estimation) is a GOOD thing. In fact, I got to  play bass in one of said Space Jams. (A "space jam" is, for those of you who don't know, when the musicians truly have no idea where the song is going to go - they just pick a key run with it, having no clue even what the melody is going to be. Sometimes it's good, it's always interesting! Tonight they were all pretty good!)

If you'd like to see some colorful photos of the night, just click HERE.


February 21, 2007 

The more astute readers out there may notice that there were no photos last week. Well, it was Valentine's Day. Sometimes the smart thing to do is stay home. But I didn't stay home last night. In fact I brought my loverly Valentine to the Club with me! Many of the finer photos this week were taken by my little Viennese Buttercup.

The Smokin' Clams kicked things off in style, followed by various musicians mixing and mingling on stage, doing their thing. (One of the neater moments of the night, for me anyway, was listening to two percussionists and a bassist do a free-flowing jam.) Fab Sioux City band Wavelength was there, too. Heck, they even let ME get up and play a little. That always makes me happy!  

If you wanna see more photos of the night, just CLICK HERE. Once you're there, just click on the "slide show" button. Or you can simply peruse the photos at your liesure. Either way is fine with me. I have to admit I didn't do much pickin' and choosin' or editing, so what you sees is what you gets.


February 7, 2007

Oh geeze, I knew it was gonna be a fun night when I walked in. Sixth or seventh sense, I guess...  The Clams started things off, followed by a guy who did Dylan the way Dylan should have done Dylan. 

Throughout the night I heard lots of interesting combinations - Lynn jammed with the Clams, I got to jam with Mr. James and Monte, there was a nifty alternative trio in the house, some nifty Bolin was heard towards the time my cab showed up... 

Apologies to all drummers and bassists... I just can't seem to get a good shot. I do try to take photos of you, they just don't turn out... Ah well. Maybe next week.


January 31, 2007

Once again, lots and lots of GREAT musicians hit the stage! We heard some classic blues and country, some alternative almost punk, some 70's rock, classic rock, new stuff... Just about everything but opera! You can see all the photos by simply CLICKING HERE. It works best if you click on the little "Slideshow" button. At least that's the way it works on my computer...

I got to play a few times myself - apologies to anyone who enjoys power ballads. I did not realize until last night that I cannot play power ballads. Whups. Eli and drummer Tim did a great job, though!

Once again I wish I knew the names of everyone who attended, but there's just so gosh-darned many musicians... and for some reason each and every one of them has a name. It's nearly impossible to remember 'em all.  

Again, to see all the photos from the night, please CLICK HERE.


January 25, 2007

Geeze! This just keeps getting better and better!  There were tons of musicians at the jam tonight, all of 'em good. Click HERE to see a bunch of photos.

The night started off acoustically; USD turns out some good guitarists. It was nice to see Corey oot and aboot - he did the drum thing for a while. I got to see my first two-necked guitar, that was cool. Lynn got to play keys with Tim and Bassman. I got to jam with the Clams and a guy in a Steeler shirt... It was fun to do "Ramblin' Man" again! The 14-year-old guitar phenom was in attendance, playing blues like nobody's business. Stealing Mercury stole the stage (Ritchie had his fringed bass, even). John & Jon jammed with Craig to some Bolin, always a good thing! 

There was some screaming, some Zeppelin, and even some rappish stuff happening... It was truly a fun night!  Again, scads of photos can be found HERE.


January 17, 2007

Another standout crowd of musicians this week at the jam session! The Clams started thing off right, even did some blues and Southern Fried Rock with a guest drummer. A nifty power trio followed, and after that a four-piece. You'd expect the progression to follow along to a five-piece, but that wasn't the case - there were at least seven or eight people up there jamming on a few songs! Keyboards and geetars and bass, oh my! It was a fun night. Drummer Ken was there, too!

If you'd like to see ALL the photos I took, you'll have to send me a self-addressed stamped envelope, and I'll send you a CD. If you'd like to see SOME of the photos, feel free to click HERE. I've been taking some flack lately for taking too many photos, too few photos, too many of musicians and not enough of the crowd, too many pictures of "fat people" (I'm not kidding) and putting too many blurry photos online. Oh well. I hate to say it, but I'm gonna keep on doing this...


January 10, 2007

Wow - whooda thunk a slow start could lead to such a good night? At 8:55 I was looking around, wondering if anyone was gonna play. By 9:05 the joint was hoppin'! 

The Clams started things off, as is their wont, with a guest drummer or two. Jon was there, as was Josh, and even Johnny, too. Phil sang, then sang again. I got to jam with an old friend, and a new one too, and even got to accompany a keyboardist. Jeremiah was there with fixed guitar, and a guy played acoustic very well indeed. There was some angry improv (which I enjoyed immensely), Stealing Mercury (who has a regular-paying-type gig there this weekend), and a couple guys I haven't had the pleasure to meet yet. 

'Twas a good night - lotsa people played! I am sad, though, that I can't for the life of me get a good shot of Mr. R. Brienzo. Maybe next week, I guess... 

Anyway, all the photos CAN BE FOUND HERE. Enjoy.  


January 3, 2007

A new year! Ain't that grand? The microphone awaits...

Phil started things off with some heartfelt statements about the war in Iraq. The Smokin' Clams did a few songs (complete with Miss Amy on keys), followed by Fourth Floor. John, Jon and Craig did some stellar stuff -- Josh joined 'em for a while too. It was nice to see Jeremiah there, and Oscar got up to jam, too. Stealing Mercury did indeed do their thing as well (that made me happy - I'd not heard them yet). 

All in all, 'twas a good night at the Chesterfield! I've got somewhere near 200 photos you can peek at simplyBY CLICKING HERE. Some of 'em are good, some of 'em are a bit blurry, but they're all rather colorful in their own way...

December 27, 2006

Wheee! Not many bassists were there, so I got a chance to play. Apologies to those who had to listen to my clunkin' around. (I honestly thought I knew how to play Black Magic Woman. I'm sure I did at one point in time...)

That aside, there were lots of good musicians in attendance once again. Jam regulars Sachem kicked things off with panache. The fourteen-year-old Wunderkind was there again, but only for a little while unfortunately (I'm sad I didn't get any photos of him this week, but I'm happy 'cause I got to jam with him). Josh was there, pickin' and grinnin'. The Clams did their thing, and the Johns Bartle and Bolin always raise the bar. We even had Iowa State students playing geetar! Fun stuff, Maynard! Just as I was making my way out the door, some cat in a cool hat got up to sing - apologies, I didn't get a photo of you... But I think I got almost everyone else!

To see all the photos of the evening, blurry and otherwise, please click HERE. Once you've clicked there, you can click on "slideshow" to see a nifty little slideshow if you want. It's all up to you, really. I'm not pushy.

December 20, 2006

Two Santa hats in the crowd. Lotsa people! Jammers galore... I apologize for leaving early on my first day as "Jam Night Photo Guy," but by about 10:30 my week-long cold was kicking my tuckus (I think the beer killed the antibiotics, to be honest).

I was there long enough to see the Clams kick things off with Josh on geetar, a couple guys do some kickin' old-school blues, a fourteen-year-old wunderkind who plays Hendrix like Hendrix played Hendrix, a nifty three-piece alternative group, Josh and a couple other guys did a way-cool space jam, and a bunch of other stuff happened. I apologize for not getting everyone's name, but I got pictures of just about everyone I saw.

You can see all the photos by CLICKING HERE. If you want, once you get there you can click on "Slideshow" to see a neat, well, slideshow.

Please let me know whatcha think. If you have any problems with the web site or the photos, drop me a line - my e-mail's down there at the bottom .

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